A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 5.16.22

In La’Kesh and Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

Man’s frequency is now shifting. Man is starting to see and understand the truth of what exists around him. We the trees applaud you Of The Sun Collective in playing your part in contributing towards the mass consciousness for man to see the truth, for man to see the truth of his existence, which over centuries has caused men to become enslaved based on a belief that he is less than and to be subservient to something outside of himself, something foreign, something alien.

There have been many years where the dark forces have suppressed man’s thoughts, imprinting thoughts of being less than, thoughts feeding a desire to strive to be something outside of himself. This is a misperception in man, leading him to his own self-destruction and to emulate an idea that is alien to him, all anti-life, a thought frequency perpetuated by fear.

As man cycles through life, he is given an opportunity between cycles to gain greater clarity and insight on the plight that exists for him on Earth, giving him the chance to realign himself back to those Universal Principles of self-preservation as he moves through each cycle of life.

In the beginning, man came to Earth with the understanding of those Universal Laws and Principles, however, its understandings have been lost over time. At each birth cycle, some of these concepts were restored however man continues to forget over time with age, with those subservient thoughts from fear becoming further ingrained and embedded into his DNA that is then carried over multiple lifetimes, a continuous cycle of suppression of his innate will.

The fear frequency brought on from off world has been used to impress the frequency of enslavement into the mind of man, that ultimate form of control. Man’s suppressed thoughts through fear has led him to believe that he does not have a choice in his own life circumstances with an acquired fear of the consequence of death, yet he does not understand and is blinded in seeing that death does not exist, an understanding that we trees have witnessed as we see man return back to Earth in repeated cycles.

There are men who are less affected by the frequency of fear, particularly those who are younger, due to the shorter exposure of those debilitating frequencies on Earth; And there are men who are wired differently and are more resistant to those suppressive frequencies of fear, allowing him to see more truths.

You, LaOta Of The Sun, and Of The Sun Collective, have figured out how to strengthen that resistance from fear through the practices that you do . It is a strengthening of man’s neural network supported by your energetic practices, a power that surpasses the strength that ordinary men innately posses. 

We Trees can see the inner workings from the Of The Sun Collective on how you are building, fortifying and strengthening your shield of armor so that you are able to continue with your true purpose, to be the example to show man how to save himself and life here on Earth.

We the Trees observe how you Of The Sun navigate through the interferences caused by fear, and we see how you deconstruct and collapse the fear frequency allowing man the chance to see the truth that is before him. We urge you Of The Sun Collective to continue to clear the frequency of fear by utilizing the tools that have been gifted to you and we Trees will continue to filter and replenish the atmosphere for man to live without fear thus making our efforts that more effective.

The inevitable reset supported by the Universe is now needed to change the trajectory of life on Earth. There will be more suffering for man until he learns that he is the one who is ultimately responsible for his life, a concept that once understood, will dismantle and dislodge the frequency of fear within him.

Continue to share your work Of The Sun to those who are ready to hear and see, and we Trees will continue to do our part in filtering the atmosphere, supporting your efforts in the revitalization of the Feminine Divine through the rebirth of life on Earth, the true power of Earth, Mother Earth. It is now time to claim All That Is.

With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude ~ In La’Kesh and Veritas

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