Animal Communication & Clearing

Animal Communication & Clearing

There is much HU-Man may learn from the Animal Realm. Of The Sun is committed to harmonious symbiosis with all consciousness including that of the Animal Realm. Animals have agreed to be here at this time to be in service to All that Is. They are in full agreement and complete alignment of Life and living.

Through conscious observation and communication with animal consciousness, HU-Man may receive guidance and identify opportunities for correction as we strive for alignment with the Laws of the Universe and Lifeforce itself.

Animals have agreed to be our allies, companions, mentors, guides and more. They are worthy of great Honor, Respect and Gratitude. Of the Sun works and co-exists with them in this proper exaltation. Through fostering communications with the overall consciousness of the Animal Realm, along with various types of consciousness of specific animals, insects, and more, Of the Sun has developed methods of clearing and supporting animals along with apprehending guidance and wisdom from these amazing sentient beings.

Animal Communication

$100 – $175

When may it best serve me to engage with Animal Communication?

Animal Transitions

Animals can be our close companions and when it’s time for them to transition, there can be difficulties experienced by both the animal and their HU-Man(s). Facilitating dialog between the animal and HU-Man can reduce the suffering experienced by both and transform the transition into a healing experience for all involved.

Many times animal companions may transition leaving HU-Mans feeling much went unsaid or that closure is missing. Of The Sun can facilitate dialogue with the consciousness of the animal and allow for healing to occur. Death is an illusion, there is only life and the consciousness of our loved ones is always available to communicate with through the methodologies Of The Sun has developed.

Behavioral Issues

Through moving into correct Honor, Respect and Gratitude for the sentience of animals and communicating with their consciousness to understand their needs, wants, desires, etc., many behavioral challenges in living with animal companions may be transformed and healed.

Dietary Needs

Similarly as it is with HU-Mans, each animal’s physical body has slightly different dietary needs. Communicating with the consciousness of the animal can help to better understand the specific needs of the animal. Diet is a foundational piece to physical wellness and Of The Sun can offer support in this area.

Physical Conditions & Illness

Consciousness is infinitely intelligent and through communication with the consciousness of our animal companions, we may ascertain the root causes of many types of physical conditions & illness and learn how to support the healing and wellness of our dear friends.

Note: The above are examples of what’s possible within animal communication. There are infinite applications of how animal communications may be utilized. We
encourage you to have a free consultation where we will guide you to understanding how we may best support your animal’s needs.

Quantum Light Clearing for Animals


All forms of consciousness benefit from the Quantum Light Clearing protocol. Of The Sun has developed a specific process for removing the energetic challenges our animal companions experience, while helping to restore energetic harmony for them. This is part of the holistic approach Of The Sun takes within the clearing process for all occupants of a property, addressing both the physical and non-physical aspects for all who occupy the space.

Animal Communication & Clearing Bundle


Service includes a Quantum Light Animal Clearing and 30 minute Communication


 Animal Communication is available in 30 or 60 minute sessions

Animal Clearings are 45 minute sessions

Sessions are held via phone or video conference

Note: Communications & Clearings are for individual animals. Please contact the Of The Sun Office if you have inquires on services for multiple animals

Contact the Of The Sun Office with any further inquiries at

About the Practitioner

Brian Of The Sun is an Akashic Record Reader, Soul Translation Technician, Quantum Light Property Clearer – All Levels and Animal Clearer & Communicator.

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