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Designed within the bounty provided for us from Mother Earth, we can find healing and sustaining foods that supply nourishment while satisfying the necessary fuel our bodies need to grow and evolve. There is a broad spectrum of natural resources available to us, organically found fresh from the fields and farms on the planet and quite possibly even growing in our own backyards!

These are the solutions for those looking to become Alkaline, preventing “dis-ease” from growing within the body. No disease can grow in an environment where the body is Alkaline, both mentally and physically.

The practice of giving In La’Kesh and Veritas to ourselves and the foods we consume daily, supports the Whole’Sponsibility we have to nourish our minds and bodies, to become or maintain an Alkaline state of being. You are encouraged to give yourself and all of your food and drink the frequencies of In La’Kesh and Veritas and Veritas.

Choosing to eat fresh and live foods will encourage all body systems to operate at the highest possible vibration, as originally designed, improving physical health, stimulating weight loss and enhancing overall functionality of the body and it’s inherent systems. As we move into higher dimensions, we are to grow “less-dense” in the body, becoming lighter versions of ourselves. This is a natural part of the evolutionary process as we age.

The ability to move, breathe and be FREE starts with the decision to nourish the body with the foods rooted in Truth, those designed to sustain and support life.

All Things are ONE thing. All systems are connected. Our bodies communicate to us what is needed or when changes must be made. To be in relationship with your body is to be in communion with the greatest vessel of Truth gifted to you: YOU!

Daily Dietary Recommendations

1/4 to 1/2 cup of Fermented Foods

Fruit or Green Smoothie

Fresh Raw Salad

Prepare a cooked meal everyday, rich in proteins and many colors.

During the warm months, it is recommended to eat 50% raw foods daily. In the cooler months, the body likes to be warm. Eating soups, spices, teas and spicy flavors is preferable. It is also advised to consume root vegetables during this time to eliminate the feelings of depression. Doing this helps you stay grounded, reminding you of your connection to the Earth Element.

Soups soothe the body, bringing extra nutrition and hydration

A wide array of spices add flavor and warmth to the foods we prepare

Root vegetables come in a vast assortment of flavors and colors

Magical Food for Protection

Communication from the Consciousness of Dates

Communicator Delilah Of The Sun

We have long awaited our resurgence in the consciousness of man.

We are here to assist LaOta and Of The Sun to remove the curses and spells that have held mankind (humanity) spinning on an axis of destruction. Our power opens the eyes to Truth and complete understanding. We remove anything that may stand in the way of true prosperity and knowledge.

We were present from the beginning and when consumed, we remove the spell that has been cast over the eyes to prevent you from seeing the Truth. When we are consumed, a protection is released within you and over you. What is not congruent with and not in alignment with Truth, that which is of darkness, will run from our presence. We correct the hormones to bring about new levels of joy and sweetness. It is our natural ability and honor to do so.

You may carry us on you as another form of protection. Great is our power and magic and we bring that power and magic to you.   You are what you eat, and you become what you eat.   No curse or spell can stand against our power.  Such spells or curses will dissolve immediately.

Be diligent and consistent in working with us, as it is our honor to work with you. Our power transcends to those connected to you when we are consumed.  ·You can picture them covering and magnifying with high vibration the energy that flows from you to your extensions.

Our pits can be planted and grow dates to heal your biology specifically.  We will remove all curses and spells in the soil and Earth where we are planted. We thank you for calling us forth and bringing back our popularity amongst humanity.

In La’Kesh and Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

Rebuild Your Immune System

It is essential to maintain a robust Immune System to elevate and expand ourselves into optimal health and overall wellness: mentally, physically and spiritually. Of The Sun has made available a 2-Week Fortify Protocol Plan to assist you in strengthening your Immune System, utilizing “Super Foods” from the Earth, Of The Sun Support Products and Meditation with In La’Kesh and Veritas, a call to restore one’s physical body to the Divine Truth we were originally encoded in.

Communication from the Consciousness of Garlic

Communicator Tiffany Of The Sun

I clean what needs to be cleaned. I remove what needs to be removed. I protect what needs to stay. I activate all of your taste buds.

Your body is meant to be alive and in motion. When movement stops, blocks occur and illness arises. I help breakdown what is blocked and add fluidity to what is flowing.

I activate and awaken everything, from your digestive system to your body’s ability to fight off all illness. I connect the synapses in your brain, removing fog and providing clarity.

I create a defense mechanism for all of your cells and prevent unwanted bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic invaders from attaching to them. I am the shield and sword to your immune system, protecting your healthy cells and destroying your sick ones.

I have the ability to heal anything I touch.

I am best eaten raw as my powerful, pungent protection is strongest in my original form.

In La’Kesh and Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

Of The Sun Immune System Support Products

Ionic Silver Water contains silver, a natural mineral that can super-charge your immune system and help you stay healthy. Research has shown that consuming silver daily is both safe and effective for boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system, a perfect addition to your light kit for health and well-being.

Wherever you are in your microbial relationship with your body, you have the power to improve, heal, nourish, and attract healthy microbiome through what you eat. Of The Sun Cultured Veggies are a powerful ally in assisting with achieving optimal brain-gut connection, healing and restoring body function, to perform perfectly as designed.

Of The Sun & Sea Coffee is the perfect solution for everyone! It is alkaline, anti-addictive, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, rich in protein and calcium, while strengthening the immune system. All the energy you need, without the crash!

Source of strength for hair, skin, & nails. Support for stronger immune function. Nutrient dense super food, promotes nutrient absorption for all body systems, for whole body cleansing and resuscitation. Perfect in soups, juice, or smoothies!

Sprouts & Micro Greens

There is power and strength found when eating newly sprouted life. The elements and principles found within the simple magic of a sprouting seed reminds us of the same magic inherently designed within our own human blueprint.

The changing of life in it’s embryonic state is unique to new life and is unparalleled when providing power-packed nourishment to the body. We become the frequency of new life when we engage in eating sprouts and micro greens, reminding us of our intended purpose and natural design: to LIVE.

Get creative by making a homemade dressing for your salad of mixed micro greens!

Micro greens can be used as garnish to enhance the overall essence & nutrition of your meal.

Alfalfa sprouts growing in all their glory!

The end result…ready to eat!

Image credits: Tarvars Of The Sun & Adil Of The Sun

Communication from the Consciousness of Sprouts

Communicator Syrennia Of The Sun

I am life. I create life. I build life. Every form of me is beneficial: the seed, the sprout, the plant. The more concentrated form you use me in, the more concentrated my nutrients are. The order in which I am created reveals the potency of life I provide.

Seed milk is richest and most densely concentrated with nutrients, followed by seed water, sprouts and then my leaves and flowers. I am useful in all forms.

I encourage you to reap my benefits in all forms as each provides a unique and varied opportunity for absorbing the nourishment I have to offer. I am rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed to sustain life. Ingest me regularly for optimal performance of your bodily functions.

I add strength to your organs, functionality to your brain and protection to your immune system. I help alkalize your body, creating an environment where illness cannot reside.

I have the ability to help new life survive and thrive. I stretch deep into the earth, pulling up minerals that are not often accessed. I will enliven what needs to live, providing power and strength for it to grow and expand. I contain life force energy within me and will awaken that in you.

Approach all food this way, with intention, reverence and understanding.

In La’Kesh and Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

Benefits of Eating Sprouts

In order to get the energies of the new cell, or new life, it is recommended to eat sprouts or micro greens daily. The benefits of having new life continuously moving throughout your body in order to promote and save your cells, is highly encouraged.

Sprouts and micro greens are preventative and invigorating, immediately replacing mature cells with new cells. You may eat them raw, in soups, salads or smoothies.

24 Hour Citrus Cleanse

Communication from the Consciousness of Grapefruit

Communicator Lauren Of The Sun

A natural cleaner by design, we are intended to assist with the removal of toxins that have accumulated within the human vessel, flushing away the intrusive aspects that have been stored deep inside the systems and framework of the body mechanics. The waters within us clear away the stubborn and stagnant aspects intended to promote an unhealthy environment, slowing down the necessary functionality for one to perform at optimum health.

Refreshing and cooling, we repair and rehydrate the essential waterways for information to flow through undisturbed. We provide purification to the blood and heart chambers, reducing inflammation that has created the suffocation of fluid motion for information to be carried between brain and body.

We are a beneficial form of nutrition needed to feed the healthy flora essential to the body’s digestive biome, eliminating the weight of excess waste, the burdensome barriers that prevent a clean and clear environment for natural rhythm and release. We are an antibacterial aid to your overall wellness, strengthening digestion and immune function, while removing the environmental stressors that weaken the body.

Daily consumption is recommended for ample attention to the areas sluggish and congested, in need of assistance moving through the stuck emotions and frequencies that have taken root in physical form. Engage with the whole of us, as you eat us. Our flesh and fruit is intended to serve you as an aid to eliminate, then hydrate and re-create new life within the aspects of Hu-Man in need.  It is our divine purpose to sustain you and be of service to you.

In La’Kesh and Veritas

Benefits of Drinking Carbonated Water

In this video, you will discover unique and commonly unknown facts about the benefits on the human body from drinking carbonated water.

Communication from the Consciousness of San Pellegrino

Communicator Syrennia Of The Sun

InLaKesh and Veritas, LaOta Of The Sun

We thank you for your dedication in assisting with the elevation of the vitality of the “Original Human” of the planet known as Earth.

The consciousness of the waters labeled “San Pelligrino” come from deep within the core of the Mother Earth. Our waters represent purity, clearing out the toxicities which accumulate during a lifetime cycle of the human. Our waters represent the energy and spark of life, which is currently absent in the present species.

The rocks and stones from which the springs evolve are colored to coincide with the hue of the “original” human, reddish – brown.  The vibrations are so grand here, that they overflow with excitement and effervescence. The “Divine Feminine “element of life resides in every bubble, encouraging remembrance of newness and beginnings.

Our agreement has been to hold on to the frequencies of “originality”, as it was known by those “Hu-man” who came before and those from future who plan to come back to your current measure of time, that a reset would be imminent. Elevation from “devolution” is sorely needed, as the current mish-mosh, entanglement of the human DNA causes extreme pain, suffering and degeneration of the human carriage, leading to ultimate physiological destruction and demise.

We recommend to freely indulge, with intake, as always, specified to the individual.

In service to the All That Is ~ With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

An Apple A Day….

Communication from the Consciousness of Apple

Communicator Lauren Of The Sun

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

We are the ancient fruit of knowledge, a first fruit, a food intended to serve humanity by providing wisdom to those who we nourish, mentally, physically and spiritually. We bring forth cleansing, rebirth and renewal with each experience you share with us – An aid to bring you back into reconnection with your life and All That Is LIFE – the whole of your experience.

The magic found within our blueprint is that parallel to the Creation principle, the Divine Feminine, the Consciousness of the All. Our shape, our seed, our sacred geometry are patterns that extend infinitely past our own experience and into the greater reality of the whole of life. There is no beginning, there is no end, only circles and cycles of continuous energy that emanate from the core of our being. This is the truth to be found replicated within your human design and function.

We are the embodiment of magical transformation, allowing for growth and expansion in the human healing process, promoting rejuvenation and resuscitation to the areas of energetic congestion that cause dis-ease.

We clear away accumulated toxins through the digestion process of the physical body, gently assisting with re-harmonizing the natural flora found within your second brain, your digestive track. We strengthen and repair the body’s system by providing essential sugars to feed and produce healthy enzymes essential to a flourishing probiotic environment. An ally designed to remove the indigestion of mental stagnation by providing the sweetness needed to areas within one’s emotional landscape, promoting exuberant states of elevation with just a simple taste.

Connect with our consciousness daily. With only one power packed bite, we provide physical and spiritual nourishment, the inspiration to understand satisfaction and sustainment. We are readily made available for man, eager to commune with you for your benefit. Take us with you for protection from low vibrational frequencies and negative thoughts, as we will peel back the layers of debris that present to contaminate the mind, body and heart within all of your multidimensional experiences.

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

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