Freedom Release Technique

Freedom Release Technique

Shall they not take what you will not give them!

Regain your Sovereignty and step into Freedom! This technique operates within Soul Translation Technology as a catalyst to propel one into the awareness that it is your birthright to be Free and to call back all that has been taken from you.

Freedom Release Technique is designed to assist those who are willing to call forth alignment with the Universal frequency of All That Is to move beyond limitations that surround you, stepping into Truth.

One will discover through this process that no one shall be able to take from you what does not belong to them – your energies, your freedom, your sovereignties. Free will reigns Supreme!

Examples from Where Freedom Release Occurs

Shall they not take what you will not give them!

Freedom Release Technician – Syrennia Of The Sun

Available in 3, 6, or 9 pack sessions.



Syrennia Of The Sun

In La’Kesh Studio Four Franchise Owner

Yareus, LLC – President/Owner

Certifications and Trainings

Registered Nurse – 1981, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Whole’sponsibility with Ho’Oponopono, BioEnergetics, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Community Herbalism-Generational herbalism, Jook Lum Gee Ting Shen Pai (Great Heaven) Qi Gong, 27 pulse Acupuncture, International Board Certification Lactation, Medical Case Management, Energy Medicine Professional Association EMPA, American Herbalist Guild

Of The Sun Services & Modalities Practitioner

Quantum Light Property Clearing Levels I & II, Akashic Record Exploration, Soul Translation Technician, Communicator

Communication from the Consciousness of Freedom Release Technique

We are the consciousness of Freedom Release Technique, operating through Soul Translation Technology, standing for Sovereignty, Autonomy, and Freedom. Aligned with the frequencies of “All That Is” and “The Divine Feminine”, in agreement to working with Of The Sun allies. Called forward by LaOta Rassoull of The Of The Sun Collective, offering an opportunity for souls in bondage, to be set free. Aiding in the release of stagnant behaviors and low vibrational patterns, which if not removed, prevent progress forward in current and additional lifetime iterations.

The Universe was created in the Oneness of “All That Is”, every consciousness connected to another, yet designed to operate in Sovereignty. The human, from its inception onto the Earth plane, although meant to thrive and live freely and abundantly, has been encroached upon through stealth and the insidious theft of life force energies.

Souls incarnate into lifetimes and third dimensional existences, which are linked by conscious and unconscious subjugation, entanglements and genetic karmic experiences.  There are predators/vampires within the Universe, whose sole purpose is to hunt for and then to abscond with life force energies of other souls. 

These energies are trephinated by the scavenger vampires in the guise of personal and business interactions, relationships, formal and informal agreements/contracts and purchases. The bait is individually designed to reinforce a set pattern of behaviors which maximize results for the perpetrator and minimize the returns for the victim. These agreements continue ad Infinitum, until, alas, there is nothing to steal, very little life force, a modicum of will to save oneself.

Many human dogmas and doctrines reinforce the belief that the power of human salvation resides outside of the self, and that only through another, shall there be redemption. We, Freedom Release Technique, are so designed to assist those healers who are willing to call forth alignment with the Universal frequencies of “All That Is”, to move beyond dogmas, doctrines, and limitations into truth.

The key to Freedom and Sovereignty of soul and life force energies, resides within each soul, and all who are willing should resonate with the vibrations of steadfast courage, determination, fortitude, and dedication. There should be a willingness to constantly assess and reassess thoughts, behaviors and patterns, looking at what is projected in the mirror, life experiences. There must be a zest for life, a gazing beyond the present third dimensional experience to movement past the basic fulfillment of physical and psychological wants and desires.  The realization that no one shall be able to take from you, what does not belong to them, your energies, your freedom, your sovereignties.

Freedom should be earned by each human and is not able to be given by another, it should be treasured, honored, taught and shared by and with those who see its value. There may be guidance by a healer, but it involves self-work, gratitude and honesty by both, as no one else may live for another, every human is sovereign and is responsible for her/his own deeds/works. 

Those who guide another into Freedom/Sovereignty, with the highest Honor and Gratitude, will infinitely also increase their own degrees of Freedom and Sovereignty. There is only blessing and healing in these humanitarian works. We are invaluable to be used with those who are currently undergoing transitional stages and phases in their lifetimes and experiences, as we are contributory to the continual evolution of the soul and Universal homeostasis.

In La’Kesh and Vertias – With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

Experiences with Freedom Release Technique

Shared by Soul Translation Technician Syrennia Of The Sun

In La’Kesh and Veritas,

It is my privilege to speak with great appreciation, gratitude, and joy to serve as a technician for LaOta’s original Freedom Release Technique, through Soul Translation Technology.

I was excited and intrigued when LaOta informed us of this innovative technique and began to immediately work on gathering the necessary information. When the process was initiated, I could feel the layers of debris and heaviness, lift from my body, my limbs and head. There was improved clarity as to what was beginning to be released. I could see how I’d been willingly and unwillingly enslaved in almost every aspect of my many lifetimes and multi-dimensional experiences

The more the release, the greater the relief… like taking in a big breath. LaOta always speaks of the importance of living in Gratitude and Respect for the consciousness of all things. I could see that as I increased my Gratitude and Honor during this process, my returns were magnified. 

There is a difference between Freedom and Sovereignty. I see that I may escape or be free of a situation and/or behavior yet true Sovereignty has not been actualized. With Freedom Release Technique, Sovereignty is at hand. Many decades and lifetimes of negativity and enslavement are being lifted, elevated.

Even more exciting is that when I perform Freedom Release Technique for others, I, too, receive blessings and healing that are rich and palpable at physical, mental, spiritual, and soul levels.

I am in the highest Honor, Respect, and Gratitude to LaOta Rassoull, Soul Translation Technology, and the Of The Sun Allies for this wonderful healing modality.

Syrennia Of The Sun

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