Bamboo Flatware


Bamboo flatware is the most natural way to eat natural food, as it comes from the earth. Eating with bamboo flatware aids in grounding and the digestive process, allowing for a magical and organic experience between you, your food, and the earth.



Bamboo flatware is the most natural way to eat natural food. There is no precedent in nature for stainless steel touching all your food before you eat it.

Bamboo Flatware Communication:

In La’Kesh & Veritas,

I come from the earth where all life was created, I am the originator of your basic needs. I bring you grounding, balance, and sustenance. I am part of the first step in the integration of energies that comes from nourishment; triggering your physiological process when I touch your lips as you place me in your mouth. I am a sign to your body to start the cycle of assimilation. Initiating the so innate, so automatic, so magical process. Being a catalyst for life’s sustainment, bringing in those nutrients for your survival.

I will stimulate your digestive juices from the time I touch your lips and enter your mouth. Signaling your alimentary tract for the expectation to prepare and do their integral part, for the survival of your whole being, so you may flourish. I then signal your gastrointestinal tract for the revitalization of life’s energy. A signal to your microbiome that there is work to be done for life’s balance. My innate ability for rapid growth and distinctive flavor supporting the energy of life. I connect you to nature, for the propagation of all life. Reciprocating my assignment to serve others, returning to the earth once I have completed my mission, grounding you back to where you originated from.

Use me as that conduit, connecting you back to the earth, Mother Earth. Giving you nourishment, sustaining you, and loving you!

In La’Kesh & Veritas

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Weight .25 lbs

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  1. Tiffany G.

    It just feels right to use bamboo silverware. From the way it feels in my hands and mouth, to the way it looks when it picks up food… it feels like oneness and truth. It feels more respectful to myself and to my food to blend the two with a material made in nature.

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