DNA Clearing Bath Salt – Blue


Blue Dead Sea Salt – Blue Spirulina

Consciousness Activating. Consciousness Stimulating. Consciousness Expanding. This is no ordinary salt. A powerful and potent ally in clearing away negative discordant frequencies and energies that surround you, on the body or in the air, assisting one with spiritual purity and cleanliness. This salt is Divine Quantum Clearing.

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The Intelligence that guided the formation of this planet also blessed the Earth with salt, the Primal cleaner. DNA Clearing Bath is Crystallized Light, capable of dispersing darkness of all kinds. It is Divine Cleaning. This is no ordinary salt bath. It is Quantum and is very powerful in its ability to remove negative influences, giving you spiritual purity and cleanliness, the keys to unlocking higher realms.

Energetically enhanced with proprietary frequencies of Clearing and Elevation. Made with the finest ingredients from around the world.

Blue Dead Sea Salt – Blue Spirulina

Communication from the Consciousness of the Blue DNA Clearing Bath Salt

In La’Kesh & Veritas,

I bring forth the frequency of truth. I assist in disbanding the illusion and delusion that you are faced with in your life experiences influenced by forces that are from outside of you. I lift that layer of deceit that is so heavy in our atmosphere that blocks the clarity of truth from coming forward. I am that powerful truth teller that will free you from those illusionary thoughts that hold you back from progressing and evolving.

I assist in releasing the truth from those fears and illusions that hold you back from your true power. I free you from those limiting thoughts that have attached to your being from those daily experiences you encounter, those thoughts that do not belong to you, unless you choose to keep them. I strengthen your etheric field, your aura, and release those emotional constructs that bombard you so that you can excel and step into the truth of your divinity, your Feminine Divine.

I detoxify your body of those deep seeded thought patterns that are resistant, preventing you from knowing and speaking the truth. I go to the root cause of those thought incongruences that result in those chronic imbalances resulting in chronic suffering. I help to balance those emotions, synergistically working with the Jade DNA salt, potentiating its effects of the heart, the master communicator, that circulates messages of truth and self love throughout your body. I pair well with Black Lava DNA salt, supporting liver detoxification, clearing those illusionary thoughts that keep one back from growth in body and spirit.

I help to improve your vision to allow your truth to be seen and be heard, that truth of your own Divine Power and energy, restoring the life back into your being. I strengthen your immune defenses, your energetic immunity, clearing the confusion within your body that keeps you in that state of illness. My calming effects from the minerals I am made of support greater clarity and balance. I am the energy rejuvenator, restoring and revitalizing you so that you can conquer and release your fears and doubts and know your true divinity, your innate power to take on the world

Use me when you are ready to free yourself of the ills and falsehood of lower vibrational thoughts and when you wish to regain the power, the strength and the freedom of your truth to be revealed, that ultimate healing, that connection with the Universal principles.

Speak the truth and call for All That Is, moving closer to your divinity.

In La’Kesh & Veritas – With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude


Instructions: 2 – 3 tablespoons, added to 2 cups of epsom salt per bath

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Blue Spirulina, and Frequencies of Elevation.

Available in 8oz & 16oz containers


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