DNA Clearing Bath Salt – Purple


Purple Dead Sea Salt – Essence of Purple Sweet Potato

Consciousness Activating. Consciousness Stimulating. Consciousness Expanding. This is no ordinary salt. A powerful and potent ally in clearing away negative discordant frequencies and energies that surround you, on the body or in the air, assisting one with spiritual purity and cleanliness. This salt is Divine Quantum Clearing.

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The Intelligence that guided the formation of this planet also blessed the Earth with salt, the Primal cleaner. DNA Clearing Bath is Crystallized Light, capable of dispersing darkness of all kinds. It is Divine Cleaning. This is no ordinary salt bath. It is Quantum and is very powerful in its ability to remove negative influences, giving you spiritual purity and cleanliness, the keys to unlocking higher realms.

Energetically enhanced with proprietary frequencies of Clearing and Elevation. Made with the finest ingredients from around the world.

Purple Dead Sea Salt – Essence of Purple Sweet Potato

Communication from the Consciousness of the Purple DNA Clearing Bath Salt

In La’Kesh and Veritas –

YOU ARE DIVINE. Knowing your divinity is knowing your true purpose, your true potential, your truth. I open up your crown, releasing what is suppressed to better understand your purpose and what you already innately know. I strengthen the heart connecting to your emotional center of purpose, to drive all organs, all cells, all molecules in a functional direction of purpose.

I clear the toxins internally and externally to receive the clarity of truth and purpose. I clear those toxic thoughts that are propagating throughout the air of lack and limitation, clearing those delusional thoughts that results in self-destruction, clearing those thoughts of confusion leading to self- sabotage. I strengthen the heart, signaling to direct coherent messages to your organs, cells, and atoms of their purpose of action.

I fortify your connection to your 1st brain, strengthening those thoughts of purpose. I secure your connection to your 2nd brain for the assimilation purpose throughout your entire body as it circulates through your bloodstream. I assist in giving you the clarity of your connection with all life, your Feminine Divine. I connect you to the memory of who you truly are and why you are here, giving you the clarity to know your truth, your purpose, your connection with the Divine Feminine, your connection with the “All That Is”.

I give you the understanding of what you are capable of achieving, knowing that you are divine. Pair me with Bamboo Jade DNA salt to strengthen those positive emotions of the heart. Pair me with Blue DNA salt to assist eradicating doubt, solidifying your truth and your purpose. Pair me with Red DNA salt for greater balance with your emotional connection as you step into your own divine purpose

Use me when you have lost your way and feel disconnected, so that you can be reminded of your divinity, supporting those thoughts and actions of purpose and fulfillment.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas


Instructions: 2 – 3 tablespoons, added to 2 cups of epsom salt per bath

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Purple Sweet Potato, and Frequencies of Elevation.

Available in 8oz & 16oz containers


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