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Wherever you are in your microbial relationship with your body, you have the power to improve, heal, nourish, and attract healthy microbiome through what you eat. Of The Sun Cultured Veggies are a powerful ally in assisting with achieving optimal brain-gut connection, healing and restoring body function, to perform perfectly as designed.


The good news is, wherever you are in your microbial relationship with your body, you have the power to improve, heal, nourish, and attract healthy microbiome through what you eat. This also extends to what you think and say about what you eat.

This transformation can happen in as little as six days, if you “co-operate” with and love this “for-life” intelligence. It is important to chew fermented food as our ancestors did before us, to call back to us our relationship with the other aspects of oursleves.Important to know:

The following make your microbiome dysfunctional or under-perform.

  • Exposure to substances that kill or otherwise adversely change the composition of the bacterial colonies.
  • Environmental chemicals, sugar, gluten, chlorine in water, and antibiotics.
  • Lack of nutrients that support healthy, diverse tribes of bacteria, that instead favor bad bacteria.
  • Stress.

Choose foods rich in probiotics. Fermented foods provide probiotic bacteria in the diet. Fermentation is the metabolic process of converting carbohydrates like sugars into either alcohols and carbon dioxide or organic acids. The type of fermentation that makes most foods probiotic (rich in beneficial bacterial ) is called lactic acid fermentation. In this process, good bacteria converts the sugar molecules in the food to lactic acid.

The lactic acid protects the fermented food from being invaded by pathogenic bacteria because it creates an environment with a low pH level, which kills-off harmful bacteria with higher pH.

We recommend:

Of The Sun Cultured Veggies

1/4 to 1/2 cup per day or more

*Eat with each meal.


Cabbage, Jalapeños, Granny Smith Apples, Celery Juice, Sea Salt and Cultured Starter

Packaging: 32oz​


Communication From The Consciousness Cultured Veggies

In La’Kesh and Veritas –

You were created in that perfect algorithm to live on this earth plane, however, it has been adulterated through what we put into our bodies, from the thoughts we think and from the environment we are exposed to. Your bodies are subjected to so much abuse from our everyday lives that it has forgotten how to bring itself back into balance. We deliver the corrected information to your microbiome, so that the information of correction travels through your blood stream to your neurological network, correcting the imbalances of your system.

It is a brain-gut connection.

We communicate with your endocrine system through neuro-chemical pathways, which brings the balance of natural changes within your body as seen in puberty and menopause. We provide the balance from your digestive system delivering the corrected information through your neuro-chemical pathways, correcting the physical imbalances of dis-ease as well as mental imbalances of thought.

It is a brain-gut connection.

We bring balance, so that specific maladies are addressed in your system bringing you back to the perfect algorithm to which you were originally created. ADHD, Autism, PTSD, and Parkinson’s Disease are some maladies with which we help bring balance and healing. We help to clear away those thoughts of imbalance brought on by your daily experiences that are held within your body and by your microbiome. We commune with your body flora, affirming those right thoughts and acting as a barrier to incongruent thinking. We provide you with the armor you need to combat and ward off the physical, mental and emotional dis-ease.

It is a brain-gut connection.

It is best to connect with us prior to entering your digestive system as this will enhance the specific information needed to be delivered to your microbiome, information for proper healing. Use us to the fullest for that ultimate balance you seek. Use us regularly and see the difference in yourself, for yourself.

In La’Kesh and Veritas

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  1. Tiffany G.

    These amazingly delicious veggies helped balance my hormones and remove my candida, both of which assisted me in getting pregnant. They are a staple in my home. I absolutely love them, and crave them daily!

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