Sacred Wood Turahi


Sacred Meditation Wood provides protection for ourselves and our environment. Use this ally to assist you in achieving the desired frequency of Abundance. Turahi Energetic Properties – Brings forth clarity of innate abundance. Moves towards freedom of lack and limitation. Clears interference that suppresses abundance.


Immerse yourself in the earthy healing aroma of our Cambodian Sacred Meditation Wood Collection. Perfect for meditation, yoga, energy work, clearing, or simply making your environment smell amazing!

Turahi Energetic Properties – Abundance Frequency

  • Brings forth clarity of innate abundance.
  • Move towards freedom of lack and limitation.
  • Clears interference that suppresses abundance.

Sacred wood is sourced from the Agar Trees in the far east. These trees grow particularly in the rain forests of Indonesia, Cambodia, Borneo, and many other regions of southeast Asia. When this tree is attacked by certain fungi in its heartwood, the tree responds to this attack by bringing forth the will to fight for its own existence by releasing a resin to defend itself. This is where the magic happens. This resin on the inside of the tree gives rise to the formation of resinous heartwood which is known as Oud.

When we burn this wood that has been infused with the magical Oud resin, containing the properties of the powerful healing process enacted to protect is life, we are in essence gaining access to that same level of protection for ourselves and our environment!

Smoke is a clear communication channel with the spirit world, literally a smoke signal straight to other dimensions. It holds, carries, and enhances our intentions imprinted upon and contained within the smoke. We encourage you to be in relationship with the sacred wood. Speak to the sacred wood, instructing the smoke to imprint your space with the inherent frequencies. Smoke has such powerful metaphysical properties. It is not an understatement to say that every time you have a Sacred wood burning, you are in-touch with other realms.

Communication from the Consciousness of Turahi – Abundance Frequency

Truth of Abundance

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

I assist in tapping into your inner abundance, your inner power, the unlimited power that is from within. I assist in shifting you into that elevated, unlimited frequency that is obtainable to all. No need for forcing it, no need for begging, no need for deception, for these are frequencies compatible with these dark forces of limitation. It is the unlimited and all invincible power, the power and frequency of Abundance. The power of abundance lies within the frequency of truth, a vibration that can affect all aspects within your life, whether it be in your finances, your relationships, your goals and aspirations.

I assist you to resonate in the frequency of Abundance that is inherent within you. I assist in freeing you of those incongruent thoughts and vibrations that keep you from all your good. I lift the veil of darkness that suppresses your innate frequencies of all good, of all Abundance. I bring you that joy that elevates you to connect with those elevated frequencies of life Abundance.

I assist in you hearing and connecting with the truth within yourself. I assist in helping to clear those deep seeded incongruent and damaging frequencies of lack and limitation that have been embedded within your tissues for so long. I raise the frequency in your space so that you can bring in the clarity and truth of your innate Abundance, that which you already have, and that which you have the ability to access more of.

Connect with me and I will help to free you of those thoughts of lack and limitation. I can be used periodically, daily, hourly or as often as you need for me to assist in breaking that cycle of limiting thoughts that bombard your space. I am here to assist in cutting through those thoughts from others that invade your surroundings from those who are releasing those incongruent thoughts of lack, thoughts that you wish to break free from, that keep you in that looped pattern of lack that so many are resonating and suffering from. Open up your heart and embrace me so that you can see the truth of your innate Abundance in all aspects of your life.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas


  • Place wood in burner of choice.
  • Ignite burner.
  • Ask sacred smoke to imprint the inherent frequencies into your space.
  • Feel and become the frequency!

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