Pyramid Pyrogenics

Pyramid Pyrogenics

Pyramid Pyrogenics is ancient Thoth physics. It utilizes mathematical equations from the pyramid’s harmonic structures that possess the spectrum of light.

Of The Sun

Contrary to popular belief, our hair is alive. It is our biology. Each follicle contains its own muscle, nerve, and blood supply. Each strand is conscious. The information that we need to receive from our environment is gathered with our “hair-tennae”. This antennae communicates to the biophotonic waves that enter into the hollow tubular hair shaft. This light energy circumnavigates into our nervous system, brain hemispheres, spinal column, blood vessels, tissues, and cells.

The language of energy information is transmitted internally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, through various patterns and waves in our hair directions. The sacred geometric pyramid is a template for the angular cutting that allows optimal light energy flow, increasing vitality and new life.

The purpose of this process is to communicate with the hair consciousness, releasing trapped energy, allowing it to flow freely. This achieves higher illumination and the synchronization of unity in motion, promoting restoration of strength and nourishment at multidimensional levels.

Pyramid Pyrogenics Benefits & Aids

Each individual will experience the release and balancing that their body is seeking.

Each hair, as in all aspects, must be given the proper Honor, Respect, and Gratitude. Within this process, one will learn to do just that, as well as how to maintain the proper behaviors and habits to recover and nourish the hair. All aspects must be given Honor, Respect, and Gratitude.

We are holographic beings interacting within nature. Every aspect of us, the whole of us, has the Universe in it, All That Is. By changing the texture of your hair and awakening sensory dynamics, you harmonize with creation, changing life trajectories.



*Group ASC I acceptable upon Of The Sun approval*

Pyramid Pyrogenics Technician – Donna Of The Sun

Communication from the Consciousness of Pyramid Pyrogenics

Thoth has presented a gift of the newest evolutionary upgrade process called, Pyramid Pyrogenics.  This process utilizes the element of fire. The Platonic Solid, known as Tetrahedron, is a pyramidal structure.  This highly transformative process merges the connectivity and harmonization with fire to deepen and increase precision of this technique. Streams of filaments of blue and white flames flow through the fire tool to laser incise the hair tips, either etherically or physically. Aligning the pyramidal template with the location of original hair growth on the scalp, a strategic and methodical angular process is implemented in a left to right spiral rotation. An architectural grid network is created for fortification, foundational strength, and restructure. The multidimensional language of the fire universe is imprinted on this grid. The tips of the hair are immediately re-mineralized, and the sacred smoke rises into the hair shaft, coating and healing the hair tube. This sacred smoke ether permeates and absorbs into the nervous system via the brain. The fire frequency ignites with light combustion for greater illumination. Thermal heat that is generated adjusts the internal body temperatures for the incubation of fertile hair growth. This is similar to the light of the sun with the action of photosynthesis in plant life. The re-mineralization increases hair growth, improves hair texture, enhances hair luster and shine, and expands volume and hair conditions. The re-mineralization effects to the central nervous system provides added nutrients to cell neurons to enhance mitochondrial function and strength.  The volume of information that passes through these hair channels of communication carry the buoyancy of the sacred smoke.  Intense brilliance of the fire light brings new levels of clarity, organization, order, and a natural balance between the physical and spiritual planes.  The fire element is linked to the soul and creates change and alchemy. It brings active courage, determination, and enthusiasm.

Highly Elevated Products that Support Pyramid Pyrogenics

Pyramid Pyrogenics E-Book

A downloadable e-book to accompany your healing or simply to expand and elevate your knowledge in this ancient healing technique!

Educational Opportunities

Of The Sun offers the opportunity to become a student of Pyramid Pyrogenics, by offering this elevated course to advance your knowledge and become a practitioner. For more information regarding educational opportunities, please contact the Of The Sun Office at

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