Quantum Light Property Clearing Teacher Training

Quantum Light Property Clearing Teacher Training

This virtual “Teacher Training” course is designed to further the education options for certified Quantum Light Property Clearers who would like to become instructors.

Everything has consciousness, all living things, human, creature, and vegetation exist within relationship, or holographically, within the space they occupy. These relationships are symbiotic and hold the energy of the occupants, accumulated through historical imprints, antique furniture, ancestral story, emotion, prolonged illness, and all manner of activity.

This class provides practical, effective methods of harmonizing and balancing these spaces & places with which we have deep connections that effect our energies profoundly.

Courage Frequency Water

Grounding Frequency Water

Of The Sun

“This class helped me step into my life’s purpose of teaching even more. Empowering others to learn how to raise their vibration to the highest possible level and to clean and clear the energetic debris from their spaces fills me with joy. I have never learned how to teach a more critical class to help people shift and evolve. I am so thankful for this opportunity to grow as a teacher!”

— Tiffany G.

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