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We Are Quantum Light Property Clearing

It is clearly evident, as you think about it, that Quantum Light Property Clearing is an opportunity to bring into one’s awareness, the idea that clearing can profoundly amplify and transform a being into a larger more expansive experience with the greater, the Universe.”

-LaOta Of The Sun


What Is Quantum Light Property Clearing?

Everyday, we step across the thresholds of our most scared spaces – our homes, our workplaces, our sanctuaries – dragging with us the mental and emotional baggage we have accumulated. These negative thoughtforms bring with them the energetic residue of the internal battles we may find ourselves engaging in on a daily basis. Every negative thoughtform we hold then seeps into the places we occupy, surrounding us with the same frequency. Quantum Light Property Clearing is the antidote that fosters freedom for our homes, ourselves, and our loved ones, clearing one’s space of this toxic load.  It is an effective method, developed by LaOta Of The Sun, that uses precise steps to move and remove low vibrational frequencies and negative energy that have penetrated a space and its occupants.

When Is It Appropriate to Have a Property Clearing?

  • Moving into a new home
  • Selling a home
  • Divorcing
  • Changing roommates
  • Working on self-improvement
  • Feeling unpleasant sensations in certain areas of the space or around objects of people
  • There are toxic or stagnant imprints around
  • Notice restrictiveness
  • Recurring illness or dis-ease
  • If you are reluctant to go around or into a specific location
  • Difficulty growing plants in the house
  • Experience irritation or loathing whenever you interact with a person or place
  • If you experience cold space within a room
  • Objects are moving, disappearing, or appearing
  • Light and electrical issues
  • History of “unfortunate” incidents and/or “bad luck” accidents
  • Feeling that someone is interfering with you
  • Notice you have disturbing thoughts or feelings that only happen around certain places, objects, or people
  • Disruption of any kind

Quantum Light Property Clearing Classes

Of The Sun offers multiple levels in the Quantum Light Property Clearing Series.  These classes are an opportunity to enhance one’s education in elevation. They are inspiration to empower self by stepping into the whole-sponsibility that we have, to clean and clear our energetic landscapes, promoting balance and harmony in our physical, mental, and spiritual experiences.

Quantum Light Property Clearing – Level II

The second installment of the Quantum Light Property Clearing Series, taught by Tarvars Of The Sun, dives deeper into the details of clearing vehicles, electronic devices, and documents, items that are extensions of ourselves, with which we have deep connections to and effect our energies profoundly.

This class will be held virtually on Saturdays from July 15th through September 2nd 2023, from 12:00pm-3:00pm EST

First Half: July 15th, 22nd, 29th & August 5th

Second Half: August 12th, 19th, 26th & September 2nd

Suncast Podcast Episodes

Quantum Light Property Clearing

Quantum Light Property Clearing Media

Inspiring interviews with LaOta Of The Sun, featuring Quantum Light Property Clearing.

Energetic Products to Support your Clearing

Energetic hygiene is required to sustain and grow into higher states of elevation, for ourselves and our spaces.  Of The Sun has developed a collection of Energetic Support Products that do just that, assisting us in our evolutionary growth and development, along with supporting all of our physical landscapes.  Keeping in harmony with this principle, these products assist one in clearing and maintaining the highest elevation, within self and space.

DNA Clearing Bath Salt

Sacred Mystical Meditation Wood

Student Reviews

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