Self-Healing Classes

Of The Sun Self-Healing Classes

Become immersed in the elemental design of our planet through Air, Water, Earth & Fire. You are connected to the planet itself. LaOta Of The Sun provides in depth understandings of our Divine relationship to each element, that which supports our life and humanity itself.

We are One, interconnected through the Consciousness of All That Is. In this monthly self-healing talk, LaOta discusses our symbiotic relationship with the element of Fire known as the Tetrahedron. Join us as we discover our Divine connection with the element of Fire, as we dive deep into Divine inspiration, bringing forth conscious awareness and change.

The full compilation of our monthly Self-Healing Classes have been documented in our E-library, categorized by the corresponding Platonic Solid, representing the appropriate element. Browse by clicking on your desired collection.

“Fire is power. To find that fire power, we must look deep with inside, we must plumb the depths of illusion and delusion and plow through the old programming that lies beneath the surface. Beneath the surface is where the imagination lives.”

LaOta Of The Sun

“Air has the power to give us what we seek. Speak to the air. Thank the air. Show reverence to the air and then your experience with the air will be greater. You live because you breathe air.”

LaOta Of The Sun

“Refer to water only as a revelation, as a gift, and practice acknowledging yourself the same way. Receive the gift of water and yourself as a new opportunity to see what is held within the moment between you and the water.”

LaOta Of The Sun

“The Earth is like the human body…it has a respiratory system, it has a brain, it has places where the water runs through and carries the messages. Everything that we are comes from the planet. All the elements that make up the body are part of the living Earth.”

LaOta Of The Sun

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