Sounds of the Sun

Sounds Of The Sun

Clearing Audio Frequency

​Sound is simply a form of vibration, a vibration that is then translated or interpreted into a frequency by the ear. Sound can be a powerful source of vibrational clearing, if used correctly. Like water, the frequency of sound can be impressed upon to alter the very fabric of its vibrational current, therefore accomplishing a desired result. The power of the sound itself is only as effective as the attunement of the listener. The receptiveness & willingness to accept the clearing these frequencies offer, is key to altering one’s reality. The sound is only sound if one stands in resistance.

Sounds Of The Sun

The Sound Of The Sun Frequency 126.22 HZ

The sound of the Sun is the cosmic music, recorded by NASA by converting solar radiation waves into sound waves. You may use it to restructure water – the water in your glass, your body, or for your plants. This sound frequency also has the ability to structure and improve the atmosphere within your environment.

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