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We are Of The Sun

We provide the Truth so that we may all be Free

The sun is representation of Light and Freedom. We are all beings of Light and Truth, a representation “Of The Sun” and All That Is. We are working with others from the perception that we are all Divine, bringing us towards our sacredness of perfect health and emotional stability.

A Message from the Consciousness of the Of The Sun Insignia
“I am a galactic symbol, unifying the Suns across our Universe. I am the navigator summoned by the Universe to rectify imbalanced planetary systems; signaling the call to restore balance, harmony, and reciprocity to the human collective; whispering messages into the souls of sleeping healers, to awaken the memory of their calling to assist All That Is life. I am here to direct light into desolate spaces of darkness and redirect darkness into transmutation; assisting darkness with its evolution and all consciousness created by Source.”

Our level of love and commitment to defend our world is unprecedented.
We are Of The Sun – You can be, too.

In La’Kesh and Veritas
With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

LaOta Of The Sun

Architect, Shaman, Quantum Lightworker, Spiritual Teacher

Fly high in One Mind, with the Eagle who sees all, the Architect, the one who orchestrates Geometric Harmony within the galactic Symphony known as Of The Sun Universe. A teller of Truth and Mother, the exquisite embodiment of the Feminine Divine, radiating Love and Light to heal and inspire All, encompassing Hope for humanity while in perpetual service to the All That Is, with unwavering certainty of Soul.

Quantum Light Property Clearing

A powerful and effective technique developed by LaOta Of The Sun, that uses a precise method of effective protocols that aid in the removal of interference patterns and negative low vibrational fields that have permeated the most sacred spaces we interact within, our homes, offices, and vehicles. It is an effective modality that one can learn to empower self, that in return aids our planet, ourselves, and all of humanity.

Highly Evolutionary Services

Energetic Support Products

Evolutionary Classes and Workshops

Gloria Gardens Annual Subscription

LaOta Of The Sun educates on how to cultivate your own Gloria Garden, physically and spiritually! This is an opportunity to harmonize and connect with the Consciousness of our Mother Earth and the aspects that She produces to support and sustain us.

Monthly Self-Healing Class

You are connected to the All. We are connected to All That Is. All means All. These classes are developed for us to learn about our relationship to the elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

Learn about the vast interconnectedness of everything, from the flowers, to the rocks, to hurricanes, mudslides, and wildfires, as LaOta Of The Sun provides in depth understandings of our divine relationship to each element, that which supports our lives and humanity itself.

Calendar of Upcoming Classes & Workshops

5, 12 & 19
Dolphin & Whale MeditationThe Dolphins and Whales are higher vibrational beings than humans and are here in service to Mother Earth and humanity. Emerging into the Dolphin and Whale frequency is entering a field of possibilities otherwise unavailable in the 3rd dimension, where healing restoration and regeneration may occur.
*30 minute guided meditation with Donna Of The Sun
7:00pm ESTvirtual

3 & 17
FREE – Divine Nation WorkshopExperience the TRUTH first hand by joining the Call For The Truth Divination Card Reading Workshop, hosted virtually by In La’Kesh Studios
8:00pm ESTvirtual

February DNA Activation/ AuditDNA activation is a call to restoring ourselves to our original blueprint with the Divine. It is a process of re-connecting the lost, severed strands of DNA, those that we were originally encoded with.
9:00pm ESTvirtual

February Group Soul ClearingSoul Clearing is a deep energy cleaning of our greater energetic selves, releasing negative interference, and establishing a connection to the higher realms while raising our vibrations.
**Contact the Of The Sun Office to request a group soul clearing prior to this date***

Monthly Self-Healing Talk: Fire Pt. 15 – TetrahedronYou are connected to the Planet itself. Join us as LaOta Of The Sun provides in depth understandings of our Divine relationship to each element, that which supports our life and humanity itself.
8:00pm ESTvirtual

Quantum Light Property Clearing – Level IThis class, taught by Tarvars Of The Sun, is intended to assist you in making a quantum leap in your understanding and power by using the most current information and techniques developed by LaOta Of The Sun, utilizing Quantum Physics and the morphogenetic resonance field to disburse energetic residue left on places and spaces.
Saturdays: February 18th – April 8th
12:00pm-3:00pm ESTvirtual

Tues & Thurs
FREE – Whole’Sponsibility MeditationTake Whole’sponsibility by using the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Ho’Oponopono, clearing away lower vibrations, allowing for higher desirable frequencies to come into your life. Each session works with the transformative statements: “Thank You”, “I Love You”, “Please Forgive Me”, “I’m Sorry”, lasting 30 minutes, focusing on one statement during each session. Hosted by In La’Kesh Studios
6am, 12:30pm, & 8:00pm ESTvirtual

Elevated Energetic Support Products

A lifestyle of Energetic Hygiene is required to sustain and grow into higher states of elevation. Keeping in harmony with this principle, Of The Sun has made available energetic products that support us in expanding our frequency band-width, giving us participation in energy fields that would not be within our vibrational reach otherwise.

DNA Clearing Bath Salt Collection

Sacred Mystical Meditation Wood Collection

Of The Sun Consumables

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get regular Suncast podcast updates! We routinely release free, informative videos about our teachings to help you call for truth and Evolve with purpose. Our podcast can help introduce you to our teachings, concepts, and modalities so you can get a clearer picture of where you are at.

The Of The Sun Blog Spot

This is the space where we at Of The Sun routinely release information from the many different forms of Consciousness within Creation who have come forward to aid and assist humanity, as we are one, interconnected with the All That Is.

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A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 9.5.22

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A collection of books, written by LaOta Of The Sun, as well as a compilation of recommended reading material to aid and support you on your path to elevation and expansion.

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