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Elevate your frequency with transformational radio shows, monthly self-healing classes, and meditations in our archived videos section.

Who is LaOta Of The Sun?

What is Quantum Light Property Clearing?

Ho’Oponopono: LaOta Of The Sun

Of The Sun Clearing Candle

Essence of Diamonds

FORTIFY: Rebuild Immune System Protocol

Black Hawaiian Lava DNA Clearing Salt

Red Hawaiian Lava DNA Clearing Salt

Hawaiian Bamboo Jade DNA Clearing Salt

Of The Sun Evolutionary Insignias

Of The Sun Be New Oil

Sacred Meditation Woods

Benefits of Meditation

Oneness Is Our Truth

Critical Mass & Truth

Powerful or Powerless?

Bamboo Flatware

Of The Sun Legacy Content

FOX10 TV Interview

Food For Life – Part One

Food For Life – Part Two

Soul Retrieval

Hair Healing with LaOta Of The Sun

Talking Ho’Oponopono

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