Energetic Clearing Protocol

Energetic Clearing Protocol

We greet you with the greetings of In La’Kesh and Veritas. In La’Kesh signifies Oneness, and Veritas translates into Truth. Here at Of The Sun, free will reigns supreme. Of The Sun is in the service to All That Is. Our objective is to bring balance individually and collectively to our world with the Way, through Honor, Respect, and Gratitude. We are supported by the power of the Divine Feminine and life itself.

We know the solution is working from the inside-out, so that you may live and create in your Divine Truth. Of The Sun works with DNA and ancestral patterns. Our Energetic Clearing Protocol is designed to begin your new lineage, starting with a personal consultation, so we can get to know you and understand your evolutionary vision.

We will start your journey at the soul level to identify and transmute entities, patterns, or other forms that may be hindering you, while taking you through our carefully crafted transformation stages. Below is our general order of protocol, designed from decades of experience.

The Energetic Clearing Protocol begins with an Energetic Consultation with a highly trained practitioner. We will design the blueprint of your process with Of The Sun for you to achieve elevated states of attainment.

The following protocols are encouraged within the primary process as you embark upon your evolutionary journey with Of The Sun.

Energetic Consultation
Quantum Light Property Clearing

Quantum Light Vehicle Clearing

One Mind Reconnection
Light Attunement
Harmonic Evolution Service

Soul Retrieval I

Power Animal

Of The Sun offers the following services based on an individual basis, unique for every situation.

Soul Translation
DNA Resequencing

Akashic Record Exploration
Quantum Light Business Clearing
Chosen By The Dead

Karmic Expungement
Dolphin & Whale Healing
Spiritual Chelation

Of The Sun Reinstatement

Of The Sun Complete Evolutionary Protocol

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