Call For The Truth Book

“Call For The Truth”

Written by LaOta Rassoull

“Call For The Truth” is an appeal to everyone to reclaim their birthright, to have the power of free will and free choice. It encourages readers to understand the Truth of who they are and the Truth of the world they live in.

This book highlights the importance of seeing one’s condition and aligning with Truth instead of falsehood. Humanity must recognize the Truth of the Divine Feminine, who will show the way to balance in our world through Honor, Respect, and Gratitude.

In today’s post-pandemic world, where liberty, justice, and freedom are slowly being eroded, this book is a clarion call for Truth that transcends lies and deception.

“Call For The Truth” is a written snapshot of a desperate time within humanities his/her/our-story that will be referenced by future generations to come – a future trajectory unfolded from the choices of humanities response to the imbalances that must be rectified in order to preserve our future. This book serves as a soul activator, inspiring stimulation of deep reflection into the crucial time-sensitive solutions that are necessary and imperative to change the trajectory of humanities collective self-imposed impending extinction.”

– Tarvars Of The Sun

Visit the “Call For The Truth” website to learn more. Experience first hand the personal and social impact this book has had on the many individuals who have engaged in the Call for Truth.

Your copy is now available for purchase online at the following locations

“In La’Kesh and Veritas – I received my book last night and just flipped through the first few pages… How delicious! How invigorating! …little jolts of Truth just jumping out at you! This book rings with the Truth. I see the poetry – Beautiful – a sweet command that makes you want to “Call For The Truth.”

Margaret L, Maryland

Call For The Truth Divination Cards

These cards are a companion to the “Call For The Truth” book that offer a way of accessing the Truth to gain guidance and illumination. They confirm what you think you know and what you are on the edge of knowing. They will bring you into full realization and understanding, so that progress may take place. They are an ally in Truth and evolution, in service to All That Is.

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