Gloria Gardens Subscription

We are the beginning of the Food For Life Revolution!

Real food for real people in a real relationship with the Power of the Divine Feminine, LIFE.  This is Our Earth. The Earth is the Solution. We must reclaim our power that we have given away.

LaOta Of The Sun educates on how to cultivate your own Gloria Garden, physically and spiritually! This is an opportunity to harmonize and connect with the Consciousness of our Mother Earth and the aspects that She produces to support us.

In return, we support and reconnect to the Earth, becoming Her caretakers, just as our Ancestors once were. One will develop and/or strengthen a relationship with the Elements, the Nature Spirits, The Divine Feminine and All That Is Creation.

3 thoughts on “Gloria Gardens Subscription

  1. “In La’Kesh and Veritas. Wow! What a welcoming and divine space. This is so needed at this time. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience such a gift as Gloria Gardens. Magic grows here. The magic of communing with our Mother Earth in such diverse and meaningful ways. This space inspires me to share the music that is in my heart. I am inspired to grow my relationship with the land on which I presently live with my 5 beautiful children and to enjoy nature even more with them. I am inspired to continue on our evolutionary journey. Thank you for this offering, this platform, this transformative energy that you all are so graciously sharing with the world.
    With Honor, Respect and Gratitude!
    Tomica S.”

  2. InLaKesh and Veritas
    I felt so happy and excited and enlightened from the introduction by LaOta, it is joyful. The Gloria gardens inspired by LaOta and the Divine Feminine will thrive and share life with all who are blessed enough to partake of its bounties. With Honor, Respect and Gratitude.

  3. Gloria Gardens is the most spectacular example of love, joy, buoyancy and abundantly fantastic lessons, communications and recipes I have ever experienced! I was smiling with such happiness and gratitude with every word I read and every video I watched. Thank you so much for the time and energy put forth in creating this phenomenal compilation! With Honor, Respect and Gratitude, In La’Kesh and Veritas!

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