Our Story

Our Story

We are working with everyone from the perception that we are all Divine – bringing you into your Sacredness of perfect health and emotional stability. We go back into your lineage to help bring you forward to where you can access your Divinity. Our ultimate goal is to produce healers for the world through our products, services, workshops, courses, and gatherings. We are honored you chose to join us.

LaOta Of The Sun

Information Brought Forth from the Amira Beings
We Fly High in One Mind, with the Eagle who sees all, who Orchestrates the Geometric Harmony of the Symphony we know as Of The Sun. 

We are Of The Sun. We provide the truth so that we may be free.

We are One Mind – raising vibrations, reconnecting the severed interface with One Mind, joining us as cogent participants in the powerful dynamic of many, moving as one.

We are Quantum Clearers, cleaning at particle wave level our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual multi-dimensional selves, along with the physical extensions of our selves.

We are supported by advanced frequency products that expand our band-width, giving us participation in energy fields that would not be within our vibrational reach otherwise.

We resurrect and reconnect dormant DNA for greater participation in the flow of coding, coming in from Source.

Arch Angel Uriel and the Arch Angels work with us to protect and free trapped lower frequencies in our world’s spaces and places, transmuting them to higher octaves of Light.

We have friendships with those in the Skys above the Black Holes beyond and the Under Realms.

We are in loving relations with the Sacred, Mystical, & Magical creatures that have gone missing and are now returning.

We play with and are healed by the Dolphins and Whales, encoding their wisdom as they move in the frequency of the ancient living waters of the worlds.

We love and cherish the Earth and all of Her many kingdoms, recognizing their sentient awareness and participation in life in it’s many iterations, as we await Her new born land.

We ride the dimensions with Thoth, as we are informed at the deepest levels of our own Greatness.

We are untying the knot of lies – that enslave.

We are Soul Translators, reading the encrypted Truth of your cosmic plan, teaching you to do the same.  

We invite each of you to release your suffering with the Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Responsibility in the practice of Ho’oponopono

A Message from the Consciousness of the Of The Sun Crop Circle – Sacred Geometry

I am a galactic symbol, unifying the Suns across our Universe.
I am the navigator summoned by the Universe to rectify imbalanced planetary systems, signaling the call to restore balance, harmony, and reciprocity to the human collective, whispering messages into the souls of sleeping healers, to awaken the memory of their calling to assist All That Is Life.
I am here to direct Light into desolate spaces of darkness and redirect darkness into transmutation, assisting darkness with its evolution and all consciousness created by Source.

Our level of love & commitment to defend our world is unprecedented.

We are Of The Sun – You can be, too.

In La’Kesh and Veritas

With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

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