Quantum Light Device Clearing

Quantum Light Device Clearing


On average, we engage with electronic and mobile devices approximately 7 hours every single day!

These devices, our mobile phones, tablets and computers, contain and hold the memories of each interaction we have when engaged with them, from our phone conversations, work meetings, texts and photos, to social media content, the latest news headlines and so much more!

These memories are stored and remain present, thus creating potential negative interference patterns while engaging with them, such as: dropped phone calls, application malfunctions, slow system operation and reception distortion to name a few. We are also exposed to electromagnetic frequencies and harmful radiation entering into our energetic fields from 5G and wi-fi connectivity.

Through the consciousness of Quantum Light Clearing, we are able to clear the residual interference and radiation that has permeated our personal devices, so that we may actively use them to operate and function effectively in our day-to-day experiences.


 Each appointment is a 30 minute session

via phone or video conference


Note: Service includes the clearing of a phone, tablet and computer

Other electronic devices may be cleared for an additional fee, such as: Amazon Alexa devices, earbuds, headphones, printers, smart watches, televisions, thermostats and more!

Please contact the Of The Sun Office with your inquiries at contact@ofthesun.com

About the Practitioner

I am Stephanie Of The Sun. I started my healing journey with LaOta Of The Sun almost seven years ago. It has been the best decision I have made in my life. I am forever grateful for the healing, learning, growth and evolvement that Of The Sun has brought forth in my life.

Stephanie Of The Sun is an Akashic Record Reader, Soul Translation Technician, Quantum Light Property Clearer – All Levels and Communicator.

Electronic & Device Clearing Workshop

Interested in learning how to clear your electronic devices?!

Of The Sun hosts a one day workshop every month, taught by Stephanie Of The Sun. Students will learn how to efficiently and effectively harmonize and balance electronic devices through the Quantum Light Clearing Protocol. This will include computers, earbuds, headphones, phones and tablets.

***Prerequisite – participants must be certified Quantum Light Property Clearers – Level I

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