Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Reading

Level I​

The Akashic Records are the intelligent morphic field of Universal memory containing the etheric archiving of the truth of all past events pertaining to souls, and the Universe as a whole.

By accessing information contained in the Records, we are provided an opportunity to move into exaltation through examination of past memory, how it applies to our present, and its influence upon future trajectories.

In this 8-day immersion into the Akashic Records, participants will learn

  • ​What is the Akasha
  • How to access and interpret your own Akashic field
  • Communication with other forms of consciousness via the Akasha
  • Tap into the memory of what was (past), what is (present), and what will be (future potential trajectories)
  • Clearing of resistance and improving accuracy of information​
  • Automatic writing within the Akasha for guidance

You will gain confidence and understanding about this sacred resource as an ultimate tool of self-empowerment. You will discover how this once taboo embodiment of knowledge is available to everyone who seeks clarity. You will experience the uplift in knowing that you can use this resource in unlimited ways to improve (literally) every aspect of your life and support those around you, by connecting with the same frequencies as found in the Akasha.


Advance Soul Clearing I

Required Energetic Support Product

Akashic Record 3ft Rug, Travel Fleece Blanket, or Insignia Card

Recommended Energetic Support Products

In La’Kesh Frequency Water

Inner Exploration Frequency Water

Upcoming Class Session – Summer 2023

Thursday Evenings 6:00pm – 9:00pm EST

June 15th – August 3rd

Contact the Of The Sun Office with any questions at Contact@ofthesun.com

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