LaOta Of The Sun

LaOta Of The Sun

Architect, Shaman, Quantum Lightworker, Spiritual Teacher

LaOta Rassoull is the Guiding Force, Architect, and CEO of Of The Sun – a business enterprise specializing in Highly Evolutionary Products, Services, and Classes. She is also the inspiration for and owner of In La’Kesh, LLC – which focuses on mindfulness and meditation, energetic modalities, Of The Sun evolutionary products, and its franchise operation.

LaOta’s Of The Sun Services provide effective tools for personal advancement and meditation practices. These services, featuring original material created and developed by LaOta Rassoull, are designed to take you step-by-step through protocols and practices that support positive thoughts and robust immune health.

The classes offered include:

Quantum Light Property Clearing

Quantum Light Property Clearing engages raising the frequency of a person, place, or thing, high enough to actualize dynamic mobilization with heightened action potential, making all your space sacred space. Everyone, including your business and home, needs an energetic property and vehicle cleaning periodically.

Soul Translation Technology

Soul Translation is a process that reveals the spiritual algorithms, in finite steps, that when integrated can release self-contained hidden emotional and mental constructs that are identified and then collapsed. It is a comprehensive system of self-help protocols one may actively engage with, as well as an opportunity for practitioners to assist others in receiving. 

Monthly Self-Healing Classes

Featuring an insightful lecture series that immerses participants in the elemental design of our planet through the Platonic Solids of Air, Water, Fire & Earth.

LaOta Of The Sun provides in depth understandings of our divine relationship to each element that supports our life and humanity itself. In this monthly class, participants learn about the vast inter-connective-ness of everything from the flowers, to the rocks, to hurricanes, mudslides, and wildfires raging on our planet.

In addition to these classes, LaOta hosts the Of The Sun “SunCast Podcast” on her YouTube channel, LaOta Of The Sun

LaOta shares elevated insight with her recently released E-Book “Call For The Truth” and its companion “Call For The Truth Divination Deck” – which contain a collection of maxims featuring profound and unique ways of looking at everyday ideas within our experience.

“We are working with people from the perspective of everyone being divine, bringing us into our sacredness of perfect health and emotional stability. It is our will, that the work that we do, will produce healers.”

LaOta Of The Sun

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