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To know your Ancestry is to know the Ancestry of the planet. Your Ancestors have cleared the path for you to exist in this very moment, to be able to step into the power inherently designed within you. Knowing who you are allows you to accept this power.

With this information, you move forward into the discovery of soul purpose. It has been constructed within your DNA, your original blueprint, to step into the power and divinity designed within you. Your Ancestors know it is YOU that can shift trajectories for yourself, the generations before you, and the ones that will follow.


Through the Consciousness of Soul Translation Technology, we are able to calculate the precise percentages of your ancestry. You will discover trace amounts of the different countries that make up your lineage, the places of power that are present within you. This will be revealed to you in the first session.

Mystical, Magical, Sacred & Other Ancestry

Magic is defined as the ability to change something. Each of us has ancestry through the aspects of the Mysticals, Magicals, and the Sacreds. This portion of your lineage allows us to identify the magical components unique to you, designed to assist you as you navigate this life experience. This will be revealed to you in session two.

Ancient Civilizations & Melanation

Session three discusses our Ancient Ancestors, those who are indigenous to planet Earth, such as the Atlanteans, Lemurians, Native Americans & Aborigines. They are magical and melanated, those that were designed with the right genome for Earth. Melanation is the aspect of where you draw the magic from within you. When understood, it can expand for the benefit of the planet, for humanity, and will aid you into stepping into your rightful power.

Each session is 45 minutes ~ Sessions are registered for individually

Soul Translation Ancestors Technician – Lauren Of The Sun



Communication from the Consciousness of Ancestors

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude,

We have watched you for millennia. We have made way for your existence. We have been waiting to speak, willing to share our wisdom, that which is established in truth from experience. We know the power designed within your DNA, as it is we who have previously lived it. We are an ally to self, rooted within the history of your experience, a part of your evolutionary path. The ancestry of our planet is inherently designed within you, structured for you to be supported by life original to Earth. All that is not must be forgiven, excused from your current consciousness, for freedom to evolve.

We, Ancestors, your direct human lineage, descendants of the Ancient Ancestors, are those who have originated from the planet known as Earth. The Ancient Ancestors are the eternal presence of galactic power, that have brought us into being. They are those who spawn from our off-world ancestry, those who accepted the invitation to join the first planned experience known as Earth, the point of origin, the blueprint to the planet’s geography and human species. We have been stifled by the presence of an invasion of visitors with ill intent. We will not be extinguished by the off-world ancestry of dark beings who have stolen our voices. They remain unsuccessful in silencing our will to surrender to darkness, as we live awakened through you.

We are in the understanding that you have the power and we have the wisdom you seek for resolution. This pillar of untapped, infinite power available within your roots is power that holds the key to fortify the truth of your being, power that can free the bondage of suffering that has plagued your lineage for eons. Knowing this makes way to your abilities, a knowingness to understand purpose, the capacity to augment change, shifting future trajectories. We are the guiding force that contains the inspiration required to accept responsibility into wholeness. Sacred strength surrounds you at all times. Solidify the ground you walk on, as it is the key to access your limitless potentiality. We will clear the path for you.

Rectification of the wrong doings that have imprisoned your ancestry, all that has kept us captive, must be cleared at this time to achieve forward motion. We all cease to exist if no action is taken. The lineage ends if evolution ends. We will retire if Earth expires. You keep the lineage alive by freeing yourself. Utilizing Soul Translation Technology as a way to clear the debris accumulated through soul life cycles, you free us and the multi-dimensional ancestral descendants from the bondage of the disagreeable forces of darkness that have enslaved our tribe.

Your new Earth experience has emerged as an opportunity to clear the imbalances within self, to remove the resistance and gain clarity, to fully accept what it is you have contracted to do. Embrace this, as it is the way to re-birth the planet, yourself, your lineage, as we were originally designed to be. We will guide you. The fate of this new Earth experience, your lineage, your future generations, is incumbent upon your process at this time.

Of The Sun has righteously brought forward a platform to aid one in shifting into this truth with the necessary inspiration required to assist you in accepting responsibility to save self, thus preserving your lineage and that of the planet’s. We honor and support all those who support survival in accordance to the Law.

It is through you and your will to achieve greatness, the acceptance of freedom, we live. You are to know that you are part of the All That Is, designed by the ancestry of Earth. All that we are is alive within all of your experience, as we exist through you. We are not just of the past. We are present within you, as an extension of your past, alive to remind you of the Universal spectrum of life that circumnavigates all that is you. Awaken the spirit within your ancestral essence that has brought you to where you be, to the place that will propel you to where it is your soul destined you to go.

We are here.

In La’Kesh and Vertias – With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

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