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Of The Sun routinely releases free, informative videos on YouTube about our teachings to help you call for truth and evolve with purpose.  Our Suncast Podcast can help introduce you to our teachings, concepts, and modalities.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel, LaOta OfTheSun, to get regular Suncast Podcast updates!

SUNCAST EP. 139: All Life Is Life – Pt. 2 – Solutions

SUNCAST EP. 138: All Life Is Life

SUNCAST EP. 137: Life and Anti-life (Off World Agenda)

SUNCAST EP. 135: There Is No Freedom Without Sacrifice

SUNCAST EP. 134: The Magic Of Quantum Light Property Clearin – feat. Dr. Jerry Scott

SUNCAST EP. 133: We Must Fight for Our Own Existence

SUNCAST EP. 132: The Real Pandemic is the Darkness within Us

SUNCAST EP. 131: Unveiling the New Call for the Truth Divination Cards – feat. Special Guest Laura Cooper

SUNCAST EP. 130: What Motivates Our Choices And Decisions?

SUNCAST EP. 129: Why Are We Satisfying The Status Quo?

SUNCAST EP. 128: Monitor Our Thoughts For What??

Of The Sun

“Of The Sun’s Suncasts are like a great book or a great movie; you owe it to yourself to listen to them over and over so that you can unpack and absorb all of the wisdom and truth that is contained within them.”

— Wayman F.

SUNCAST EP. 127: Of The Sun Client Testimonial/ Divine Feminine Principle

SUNCAST EP. 126: The Consciousness of Trees and The Divine Feminine Principle

SUNCAST EP. 125: The Consciousness of Flowers and the Divine Feminine Principle

SUNCAST EP. 124 – Bees & The Divine Feminine Principle

SUNCAST EP. 123: Understanding the Divine Feminine – Universal Law of Gender/ Polarity

SUNCAST EP. 122: Judgement, Jealousy, & Justice

SUNCAST EP 121: CALL FOR THE TRUTH! – Book Release Group Review & Truth Discussion

SUNCAST EP. 120: Negative Motivators, Authority, Becoming the Author of Your Life

SUNCAST EP. 119: Soul Translation Class Recap

Of The Sun

“Suncast podcasts are full of rich, brilliant opportunities for elevation! They help me see areas in my life that need further correction. Thank you!!! In La’Kesh and Veritas, with Honor and Respect.”

— Tiffany G.

SUNCAST EP. 118: World Events, Liberty, International Lockdowns, and Restrictions

SUNCAST EP. 117: Understanding Negative Motivators / Fear

SUNCAST EP. 116: Protection Solutions Pt.2

SUNCAST EP. 115: Protection Solutions

SUNCAST EP. 114: Standing Up and Putting Down Darkness/ Ancestry & DNA

SUNCAST EP. 113: Humanity’s Relationship with the Consciousness of Bees

SUNCAST EP. 112: Quantum Light Property Clearing Chronicles, feat. Tiffany Of The Sun

SUNCAST EP. 111: Protecting Your Health/ Fortifying the Immune System

SUNCAST EP. 110: NEW LIFE – Sprouts & The Magical Power of Micro-Greens

Of The Sun

“Amazing! What a powerful opportunity in calling for correction and truth as a practice. Thank you for offering a source of truthful information and elevation in a world bombarding us with the opposite.”

— Brian B.

SUNCAST EP. 109: Practical Application of Spiritual Understandings

SUNCAST EP. 108: Ho’sponsibility: Taking Accountability and Becoming Our Own Saviors

SUNCAST EP. 107: Protecting The Innocence Of Our Children

SUNCAST EP. 106: Quantum Light Property Clearing With Of The Sun

SUNCAST EP. 105: Awareness Of Self Sabotage; Its An Inside Job

SUNCAST EP. 104: Calling Forth The Frequency Of Correction

SUNCAST EP. 103: Identifying & Releasing Our Personal Incongruencies

SUNCAST EP. 102: Connections of Science and Spirituality

SUNCAST EP. 101: Shining Truth on Media Incongruencies

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