Quantum Light Travel Clearing

Quantum Light Travel Clearing

Starting at $150

On a regular basis, we travel to various different destinations, such as work, school, appointments and vacations. Whether it be by automobile, bus, train, plane, boat, cruise liner or any of the other various methods, we rely upon these modes of transportation to get us to where it is we desire to go.

Within our realm of travel, there are many interferences that may present, seen and unseen. Quantum Light Travel Clearing provides a highly effective means of cleaning and collapsing those incumbrances, those that would otherwise prohibit one from having a pleasant, safe and enjoyable travel experience.

We do not have to succumb to accidents, mechanical issues and obstacles or the negative low vibrational frequencies of fear, stress, anxiety and worry that can be associated with the different aspects of traveling.

We have the solution! Quantum Light Travel Clearing is the solution!


 Consultation and Sessions are available in 30 minute sessions

Sessions are held via phone or video conference

Note: Price is dependent on the travel itinerary, ie: how many flights, connecting flights and layovers, hotels, locations visiting, ground transportation, etc. This will be discussed during the initial consultation, as additional pricing may apply.

Contact the Of The Sun Office with any further inquiries at contact@ofthesun.com

About the Practitioner

Stephanie Of The Sun is an Akashic Record Reader, Soul Translation Technician, Quantum Light Property Clearer – All Levels, Communicator, Quantum Light Device Clearing Practitioner and Instructor and Quantum Light Travel Clearing Specialist and Instructor

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