Clear and Elevate yourself with our Energetic Clearing Protocol

Our Highly Evolutionary Services are focused on assisting humanity’s shift into higher states of elevation by removing deep layers of negative interference from past lives and ancestral ties that hinder soul growth and evolution.

We offer several options depending on the experience you envision for your transformation.

Energetic Clearing Protocol

Our Energetic Clearing Protocol is designed to clear at particle wave level our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual multi-dimensional selves of accumulated interference from past lifetimes.

Group Healing Services

Resurrect and reconnect the dormant DNA to its original divine blueprint with our monthly Group DNA Activation Sessions. Or join in on your energetic hygiene maintenance with our monthly Group Soul Clearings.

Spiritual Consultations

One-on-one Spiritual Consultations that aid in empowering our clients, using Universal principles to navigate life’s opportunities of growth and evolution, in the areas of health and lifestyle.

Energetic Support Products

Each protocol comes with an Ener-scription of recommended support products to ensure optimal effect for the work being done. You can check out our suite of products to find what you need or see what calls you.

Of The Sun Classes & Workshops

From our monthly self-healing classes, to our university accredited Quantum Light Property Clearing Course, these Of The Sun offerings will enhance your evolutionary knowledge and help maintain your vibe.

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