A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 4.6.22

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

The frequency of war is propagating across the Earth, through the land and across the sea. Many men are still asleep despite the signs of this changing world. The war frequency is being held by the frequency of fear that is being put out into the airways and out into the atmosphere, being incorporated into the breath of man. This frequency has continued to get stronger over time and over the years and is a cause of man’s increasing fear.

The air that man breathes holds the frequency of fear which is more concentrated in the more populated areas and less evident where we trees are in an abundance. The fear frequency attaches onto the Oxygen atom inhaled by man from the air and incorporates into the Carbon Dioxide molecule which contains the Oxygen atom and is then picked up by the trees, which we trees then clear out during the process of nutrient exchange.

This frequency of fear is supported by the many electronic devices that is being utilized to propagate messages across Earth as waveforms. It is a frequency that is consistent as we trees are constantly being exposed to it and feel it all of the time. Man takes for granted the abilities of the trees, and he does not realize that his freedom sense is greater when he is amongst us trees, compared to those areas that are void from our presence such as in those populated areas, the cities. Man has forgotten that we were brought here to work together for all of life to thrive.

Thank you, Of The Sun, for being receptive to the efforts of the trees that continue to counter and clear those dark thoughts and dark actions rooted in fear. This fear frequency is the foundation of the dark forces since the time of Earth’s invasion, a frequency that has shifted man’s thoughts of mis-directed gratitude towards the enslaver rather than to himself, his own divinity, the love for life and towards Mother Earth from where he originated. 

The tools of protection that you have acquired Of The Sun have significantly helped you to break free of those frequencies of fear that saturates this atmosphere. Acknowledge your gifts of protection, Of The Sun, as more will come. Many allies that are watching can see the unwavering truth and gratitude you have in saving this world, Earth, and saving humanity. The allies can see that some men are finally understanding the Principle of the Feminine Divine, the initiator and creator of life.

Continue with the cause, Of The Sun, as there awaits more gifts from others from the Universal Council who will continue to come in and assist you here on Earth to overturn those self-destructive thoughts, plagued by fear.

With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas!

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