DNA Re-connection & Divine Repatriation


Repairing Gene Manipulation Done on Humanity

Advance Soul Clearing III is an opportunity for us to reconnect with the original DNA blueprint of Hu-Man (God-Man), our Divinity, the intrinsic design intended for us at the time of Creation by the Ancient Ancestors.

This disconnect from our Divine selves has since accelerated throughout the lineage over millennia, to where we now find ourselves separated from the Truth, distorted and deceived from the reality of our purpose as Divine beings.

Within this process, we will repair, restore and reconnect the severed, tampered and tainted aspects of the DNA that have caused stagnation of growth and expansion within the advancement of the evolutionary process, the evolution of our Divinity.

This is a clearing that differs from the Activation of the DNA, performed in a group environment, where we receive healing from the Galactic Genetic Engineers, connecting the lost strands of DNA that we were originally encoded with.

Energetic Support Products

We recommend the following support products on your journey

DNA Frequency Water

Call For The Truth Divination Cards




Quantum Light Property Clearing

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Monthly Self-Healing Classes with LaOta Of The Sun


This clearing process will run during your sleep time, as the re-connection adheres when we are in a state of relaxation and able to receive the healing genetic repair.

Additionally, you will receive a Call For The Truth Divination Card reading to assist you on the journey of reconnecting to your Divinity, bringing forward information specific to your re-connection process.

Each consultation is with LaOta Of The Sun for 45 minutes and may be held via phone or video conference.

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