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Communication from the Consciousness of Akashic Records Crop Circle

I am the Akashic Record Insignia. As you already are aware, we provide information on all consciousness. The homes are no different. However, we have now expanded our ability to assist all Of The Sun Universe clearers with the ability to clear the consciousness of the home so that the individuals that dwell within will stop their repeated patterns.


This has never been done before. The energy in the home has always remained in the home until the clearing that you have been taught was developed. Now we are going one step further working with Of The Sun Universe clearers to relieve the homes of certain patterns that when afflicted reflect back to the individual. As most of you know, you have been clearing certain emotions that come up in the clearing cards, however there’s so much more depth that you can find out about. The emotions and how they interact with the individual. It is like a signaling, a bell that rings quite often.


Our purpose is to assist with the added power of the Akasha to help clear the looped patterns from the consciousness of the home.


In La’Kesh & Veritas


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Insignia Card, 3ft Rug, Travel Fleece


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