Chosen By The Dead

Chosen By The Dead


​Soul Clearing is a spiritual healing. It removes the imprint of negative patterns. Soul Clearing releases energy from blockages, and past life traumas. Soul Clearing loosens mental and emotional constructs that do not serve progress and forward motion or our highest good. There are many reasons an entity may choose to delay progress after expiration. Clearing soul records of the dead allows for greater activation and potential for the entire family, relations, ancestors, and our soul group, as we are all connected.

We can HELP the dead move on.

Some expired entities choose to stay here with us, resisting moving on after death for fear of punishment. Many expired entities have been coming to us here at Of The Sun because they are aware of the Advanced Soul Clearing we do with the living. They know others are being cleared and it is their will to be cleared, too. We are Chosen By The Dead to clear them.

The architecture of this Universe allows for rest, reflection, updating, expansion, and new opportunities often in new bodies. Clearing soul records allows many to move on, out of bondage here on Earth without fear.

Complete Ener-Scription

We recommend products and tools to enhance the benefits of each service, as well as to maintain the effects. Please use this checklist to help you put together your Ener-scription.

Ener-scription Checklist:

Ancestors Frequency Water



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Monthly Self-Healing Classes with LaOta Of The Sun

Each appointment is a 45 minute session
via phone or video conference.

Information Needed: Name, Birthdate, City, State, Country of Individual

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