Of The Sun Reinstatement

Of The Sun Reinstatement


Seeking elevation you previously enjoyed?

Been away for awhile, from those who know what you know and understand their place in the elevation of humanity and the planet?

Interested in re-establishing your vibrational standing at the highest level?

Need refresher services, classes, and healing to bring you back to effective outcomes, receive current updates, and to bring power to your personal practices?

When you are aware, you understand that this is greatly needed to move forward.

Complete Ener-Scription

We recommend products and tools to enhance the benefits of each service, as well as to maintain the effects. Please use this checklist to help you put together your Ener-scription.

Ener-scription Checklist:

Recommended Listening:

Monthly Self-Healing Classes with LaOta Of The Sun

Each appointment is a 45 minute session
via phone or video conference.
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