Identify what has kept you stuck in looped patterns from past life experiences that have carried over into this lifetime.


The Story of Soul Clearing

Soul clearing is an ancient practice designed to accelerate spiritual growth. It takes into account our multidimensional self, which spans not only this lifetime but the much larger self that many of us have no recollection of.

Our records are recorded by a Universal system that can only register Truth. We exist as energy that cannot be extinguished. We go back much further than this earth experience and our activities expand much wider than most of us perceive. We are holographic beings, which means we have within us an aspect of the whole, that includes all of our greater self experiences and the larger Universal experience.

Our hard drive, or soul, recalls everything from every lifetime, dimension, planetary, generational, galactic, parallel, emotional experience, along with all mental thought constructs imaginable. They are all the parts that make up our current selves and affect our daily lives.

One way to raise our vibration is to clear ourselves of resistance, to drag out our residual unfinished lessons, incomplete business and discordant energy of all manner. In some cases, we resist abundance, joy, and fulfillment because of our larger experience. What we resist is what persists. Limiting beliefs that may have served us at one time, which now no longer support or uphold us, are removed in the soul clearing process.

Much of what we are experiencing in our daily lives is a result of the thoughts we have made manifest and are unaware of or those that were made by default, which we are unable to escape or elevate beyond. Often, there are false premises that lead to destructive decision making, for example: “you can only be spiritual if you suffer greatly”. We are unaware of what we have accepted into our reality through our decisions, making these counterproductive programs of thought materially affect the quality our lives in the past, present and future.

This process is a deep energy cleaning of our greater energetic selves, releasing negative interference and establishing a connection to the higher realms while raising our vibrations. The benefits are many and varied, however the greatest benefit in this case is that your FMZ are harmonized and adjusted to optimize your success.


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