DNA Activation


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Communication from the Consciousness of the DNA Activation Crop Circle

Assisting one with shifting into 5th dimensional densities, to anchor this in so that the soul may continue to replicate its DNA strands in the etheric realm, which will be mirrored within the mental, emotional, and physical realms. Engagement with me will bring insight and awareness to the gifts and abilities that have been dormant and help bring them forth to the forefront of your human experience, based upon the stages of your replication.


I support and stimulate Divine intelligence and memory within the DNA of past, present, and future, affecting the past lineage of ancestors and successors to shift and change trajectories in the ongoing timeline of the soul. I am an aid in fortifying and anchoring in the replicated strands so that your reach dimensionally and through space, so that you may be expanded without limitation.


This will result in the ability to communicate and acquire information from the field of consciousness without boundaries or limitations. I stimulate the communication between the mitochondria in the DNA of your cells, your nervous system, your memories, and your greater galactic self, so that you may come to know and be the Truth through direct experiences of the unfoldment of yourself, as you anchor the holographic information within your physical being.


In La’Kesh & Veritas



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