Family – Evolve Water



An extended connection permeated throughout DNA linked ties. Seeing one’s identity through the eyes, actions, and memory of loved ones. A perception of sight mirrored in similar patterned behaviors and thinking of the genealogy reflective in oneself.

Carrying on the traditional and ancient ways of doing, that no longer serves the greater aspect of one’s evolutionary progress in the present day. Giving truth to the idea that genetic predisposition and susceptibility defines what you will inherit and become. Willingly giving away your power to the family patterned cycle and belief of continuing what was.

Utilize me to break the repetition of predispositions and ongoing cycles lending to stagnation. To surrender to ownership of personal freedom. To shift into an evolved way of being and bring into evolution a new blueprint for the lineage to build and expand upon.



5 spray – 3 times a day

1 bottle per month (minimum of 4 months)

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Weight .5 lbs


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