Feel the Frequency Divination Cards


Learn about the past, present, and future of any property, while learning to “Feel the Frequency” by engaging with this deck of chakra colored Divination cards. A perfect tool for your spiritual tool-kit, aiding to bring forward the Truth on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels of the property, and of self – the property is the person.


Inspired by the Quantum Light Property Clearing Classes – Learn about the past, present, and future of your property while learning to “Feel the Frequency” by handling this deck of chakra colored Divination cards.

From the consciousness of “Feel the Frequency Divination Cards”

The property you reside in is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. You become one with your home over time, a reflection of your entire being. Your home speaks to you just as the organs in your body do. Release the stress in your body and you release the obstacles in your home.

What you think is a reflection of the consciousness in your home. I emit healing powers through these cards, as I deliver messages about your internal organs linked to your home. Feel the fire in your feet, feel the flames in your hands as you call for each card that reveals your burning desire to hear the truth.

My messages are one of healing. I go in clearing your path towards truth. I break down those interference patterns that are deeply seeded in your house and in your memory bank, your thoughts, freeing you and all that which binds you – Those thoughts you hold which are intertwined with your home, revealing your inner truth from your inner soul – Those issues with your plumbing, a reflection of your digestive system – Those issues with your electrical, an indication of neurological imbalance.

Allow me to open the doors of your home and your thoughts revealing to you your truth, that which is held from the past, that which is now, and that which is to come.

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