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Walking the Labyrinth is a sacred journey of personal transformation that takes you to higher ground, a place to get perspective and receive intuitive guidance from your higher intelligence. Spirit walking the labyrinth can guide you to self-knowledge, healing, and harmony with the Source of life.


Labyrinths have been known for thousands of years. Originally created as a tool in the great houses of worship to help those who walk it achieve greater spiritual clarity and insight. Designed to focus your attention and open your intuitive gifts and insights regarding the actions that will manifest your choices.


The Labyrinth Insignia Card can be used by placing hands or feet on it when a Labyrinth Rug is not available.



Communication from the Consciousness of the Labyrinth Crop Circle


I am geometrically designed to reconnect the disconnect of brain functions. Re-configuring electromagnetic brain waves. Communicating oneness to the circuits, lobes, neural pathways, and hemispheres of the brain. Operating as fuel in the unseen, to recharge mind energy.


When touched I holographically merge with mind and brain, identify misfires, and sync circulatory frequencies throughout. Re-connecting universal energies with souls creation. Magnifying brain power at 100% activation, to unlock the intelligence kept secret from you.


In La’Kesh & Veritas



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Insignia Card, 3ft Rug, Travel Fleece


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