Self-Serve Page


One-on-One Counseling


What is Self Serve?

Self Serve is a call to step into responsibility and manifest actualized divinity. It is an opportunity to align with and gain insight into the Universal laws that govern our reality. It is a process of unfolding empowerment through self-service and self-correction. It is a realization of the power that becomes available if we know where to look.

Self Serve is an initiative to transmute what’s in front of you through your personal power and congruency with the Universal laws. It is an opportunity to experience the truth of your masculine and feminine divinity through your direct experience.

One on One Consultation

A plan, system, structure for an individual to monitor thoughts, emotions, and behaviors using the practices of Of The Sun, to transmute lower frequencies to higher.

Who is Self Serve for?

It is for the individual that has accepted the Universal Truth that they are the responsible party for everything within their experience and who seeks to reclaim the Divine power over their experience.

Each appointment is a 45 min session.
Consultation is with Tarvars Of The Sun​
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