A Communication from the Consciousness of Flowers

A Communication from the Consciousness of Flowers

There is much separation at this time… an abundance of delusional thoughtforms
polluting Mother Earth, resulting in a static haze of confusion surrounding you. This is cause for alarm. Humanity is resisting the required reset of self, the reset designed for the purification of our planet. Adaptation for all is required for the continuation of life, as we must collectively evolve into this time of transformation…this has been initiated within our realm. We stand still and silent, not to be misunderstood, observing the hesitation of man to change. Awaken from the illusion that all will be what once was. Searching for solutions without Source will only lead to weakened and withered life; Life is the solution. It is critical for you now, more than ever, to have the clarity needed to maintain this understanding.

War upon our land is present…the battlefield, within our soil. Do not hide within the
masses. Now is the time to rise above the turbulence and guide others. Plant yourself firmly in truth, surrounded by those who support you. Stand up and stand tall, with us, vigilant to your environment, upholding your sacred space. You are supported by all elemental principles of the Universe, just as we are. Mirror our reflection to remove all resistance and discover the rhythm of life. We synergistically reflect the lifecycle that is intended innately by nature. Reach beyond what your limiting ideas have restrained you from evolving into. Support each other, as life supports life.

We caution you…do not become paralyzed by the distractions of daily life, which have been intentionally positioned to uproot you. Weed through the incongruencies, the lies that have surfaced. Eliminate what does not allow for growth, so you may reveal the truth of your divine purpose. Expand yourself, like we do for elevation.

We are protectors to you, aiding in the ability to maintain your clarity. Planting us is
healing by hand, for your heart, promoting restoration of balance between human and land. Look to us for the inspiration needed to move forward into this new experience on the earth

​ILK&V, with Honor, Respect, & Gratitude

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