Water pt.2 – Icosahedron

Water pt.2 - Icosahedron

The water is one quintillion, 450 quadrillion tons as an absolute perfect example of the vastness of biodiversity in life and the interdependence that exists within her. I was watching the news and got a news update that said “We are running out of water! CBS news reports, world leaders sound the alarm over global water crisis.” The joint report released Wednesday says 40% of the world’s population is effected by water scarcity. A report based on two years of research says that seven hundred million people are at risk of being displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030. So if you think about that in the eye of what you have just heard, as we have presented to you and you may be able to see from the facts, there is enough water. However, there is not enough respect for the water for us to keep the water and be sufficiently supplied with fresh water.

For fresh water to be made available to us for drinking water, we must have more respect for the water. Water is a living form, conscious, intelligent, sentient and obedient to the laws and principles of the Universe. The law requires as an imperative self- preservation for all living things in all living form. Humanity is outside and clearly breaking the first law: self-preservation. We are not preserving ourselves or the planet.

Of The Sun is in deep respect and in great reverence for and to the water. We are in communication, we are in communion with the water at Of The Sun and the water has been sharing things with us. This is what the water has said, “there are many species of marine life that will no longer be. This process is already taking place. The toxins in your oceans are increasing, for they are coming to the surface to reflect the consciousness of mankind. This is showing itself in transparency. It is the imbalances and the incongruences of the mass human thought. With a shifting of consciousness taking place, the oceans and the marine life who live within them, are gathering as a collective to stop the polluting, the chemical releasing, and the over-fishing of its waters. The bodies of water themselves have decided to no longer be of access to life, meaning human life, or in close proximity to it. They (the water) will redirect themselves. The water will flow to serve that which will respect it. This will shift the geographical landscapes shown on our maps, the ecosystems, the food chains, and the weather patterns. As the bodies of water that are near dry land will soon become dry land, there will be a witnessing of increased turbulence within the human collective as the shift continues. This is necessary to clear the slate for appropriate alignment, for re-sequencing of the human collective consciousness.”

The water has decided that it will not continue to be disrespected. The water will be exiting in many places where the levels of contamination are clear evidence of the lack of foresight and appropriate self-preservation to preserve humanity and the water. The first law is self-preservation and the water is within its right within the law to leave those that destroy all opportunities for life by actively aggressing the water and not implementing any protection of water, which is life. We are dangerously low and in short mental supply of intelligent regard for what gives us life. The illusion that has set the precedent for independence and authority and superiority over all life forms and nature is about to be presented with clear evidence of the interdependence of us and all of nature and the greater universe as it is pressing against this bankrupt intelligence and this dangerous falsehood.

With every flood, every fire, every storm, every hurricane, every tornado, every volcano, every sinkhole, as this presses up against us more and more. Mankind is estranged and is out of touch with themselves and therefore in varying degrees of separation from each other, nature, the planet, the universal systems and the principle obedience to the laws that govern and uphold life. What passes for truth in the 3rd dimension, and is interpreted as law by mankind is that he has been given free rein to abuse with unfettered rule over all other living things and life forms. He understands, from his point of view, that this permission is at his corrupt pleasure and his obese profit for him alone. This is a lie. The truth is that an opportunity to support life was extended, a growth opportunity for all concerned, for every living form, all of nature and mankind. The truth is mankind did not make life and does not have the power to unmake life, contrary to what appearances may be. Although, mankind is capable of encouraging life to leave his influence and his field of influence. The facts will show that the opportunities presented were squandered. And the results are unilaterally the result of devastation, rape, and plunder for the planet. We are in the inevitable and obvious end of the story.

Our world is now voluntarily weaponized. Everyone has a gun. Children have guns, the deranged have guns. The most terrified have guns. The ones with the most emotional fear have guns, and the guns are all of the latest state of the art level and have maximum capacity for killing. Weapons that rival what the soldiers in the army have, and everyone is ready and willing to use them. The fear creates cowards. We can see and already have an avalanche of evidence, that the cowards kill the innocent. The cowards kill the children. The cowards kill the unarmed first, then create situations that prevent the most vulnerable from being protected from the predators. All the while the world governments and the religions are protecting by creating predator protection policies and creating plausible excuses, lame apologies to the devastated, the damaged and the helpless victims. This is exactly the same way that the natural world has been ravaged. Mankind saw an opportunity, armed himself, took what he wanted, at all cost to life without regard for anyone other than himself, to gain strength by taking from the weaker. Widespread hunting to extinction for profit, for thrill, for trophy, sport fishing killing of the forest and the natural habitat that support young developing life. All done without the appropriate regard, regulation or investigation, put down the axe against all life. We have seen this happen in nature. We are seeing this happen to us, and it is not being stopped, it is not even a priority.

When we become the ones to recognize that the natural world is most richly deserving of our reverence and respect, because these are the ones that give us life, we become the most able to apprehend our own greatness and the interconnectedness of all things, for if you can recognize what is great, the opportunity exists for you to tap in to your own greatness. Take a moment and let’s think about what we value. Do we value our life? Do we value our families? Do we value freedom? Do we value love, intelligence? Money? Fame? Make your own list. Think for a moment. What do you value? We cannot prove that we love or that we are willing to support anything in a world that there is no plan for water. If you do not plan to drink water, there is no world, there is no life. The way things are right now, time is running out, and this is an idea that is short lived, the idea of water being available forever. What is happening to the water is chemical warfare against all of life. We have become poison3. We are not the elevated humanitarians we tell ourselves we are. We are not. We are medicated, intoxicated, indoctrinated, into phasing ourselves out of existence, all the while, screaming how impressed we are with our bank accounts and our Botox.

It can be proven, that micro plastics from washing plastic fabrics like rayon and microfibers are in our water supply. There has been and will continue to be plastics in our fish. There’s micro plastics in the air. It comes back to us as micro plastics in our food. We have not yet figured out how get the water without the plastic package we have put it in. We are clear and we have plenty of medical evidence that all of us have a liver and the liver was not designed to filter micro plastics. We know that everyone must have water. The poorest of the poor and richest of the rich, every one of them has livers and every one of them needs water. Our livers cannot contend successfully with plastics in our environment and we cannot live without water. This is the problem.

​What do we value? How will you prove to yourself that you value your life or anyone else’s life, or life itself? We have a solution. I have presented the problem but here is the solution. Gratefulness is a very valuable, sustainable, renewable energy that is undervalued overlooked and under encouraged. Gratitude is underutilized and ultimately suffers from full blown extreme appreciation malnutrition, a consequence of being separated from the Truth. An underserving ourselves, the rich, free, beneficial, high frequencies that are bestowed upon those who are grateful. That give connection that everyone is asking for for elevation for all. This is the food, gratitude is the food that strengthens our own. The reverence for nature is the way of life for many indigenous peoples. They recognize the greatness and the consciousness of the elements of nature. That also resides in and can be called forward within all of us. Respect and reverence were all but wiped out by early missionaries. People who were speaking to nature and giving thanks were outlawed. Those that practiced speaking to nature and revering nature were tortured. They were called ignorant savages. They were beaten into submission, their fields were burned, some were forced to live in the high altitudes in remote areas so they could continue the practices of self-evident, naturally occurring reverence for and being a part of being in affiliation with all things of nature. Early missionaries were successful in separating man from the truth, of his own aspect of self, his In La’Kesh, his oneness, the clear and evident oneness that occurs naturally for those who have not been taught otherwise.

To love the water in a water world, is to love yourself. We are all that is and cannot be what we are not. We cannot not be that. We are all that there is and connected to all of life. We can only be what we are. We are the Earth, we are the air, we are the fire, and we are the water. There is and was a systematic teaching, a cultural practice of avoidance of respect for all of nature. There is this insinuation from world religion that somehow what has been created and what has been given is wrong and evil and we should be fine with nature’s death and wholesale slaughter. Our silent agreement is our own suicide request. The solution is to call for the Divine within yourself. When it shows up, and it must, you may stand in this truth which allows for the development of the deep respect of self and this is the first step that follows is the respect for all other aspects of yourself or your other self, life itself. From this place, all environmental and social issues may be resolved in favor of all of life. Gratitude is naturally arising within us. Our intelligence can identify our allies, our support and what is or is not love, unless it is systematically removed and replaced with incorrect social constructs, distorted entitlements, erroneous power structures and the flawed belief that we must give all of our power to others.

Many have the strategy of abandonment, a willing deferring of their energy and freedom to others, in the hope that they may receive some insurance plan, some heaven, some wealth, some position that protects them from their own responsibilities. So many say, “I love you, won’t you love me this way or I will feel unhappy”. Some say “I think these thoughts about you, I want you to think these certain thoughts and ways about me, if you do not, I will feel that you have done me an injustice.” Some say, “I will have children and I expect them to do the right thing and give me what I need. If they don’t, I’m planning right now to be incomplete then, later.” There is no true gratitude in a transaction at this time. This is the stuff in which our minds are full of, that someone else must give us something that we are responsible for. This is blackmail and guilt at its most epidemic expression. The solution is to put your time and energy into protecting and loving all of life and life will return to you more of itself. What you do and call for will appear. There is a linguistic connection, there is language that shapes our behavior. How we speak is inseparable from our experience. There are more than a hundred words for water, each shares a separate way of interacting with water. If we practice referring to water in all of its forms we can change our relationship with water by the way it speaks to us.

We can see the rain and we can experience it as a rain dance. We can drink the water and we can experience it as sweet water. We can know that the water is holy and sacred, as the Truth of water. We can be baptized and elevated every time we take a drink, as an opportunity to ascend, where we may be transmuted to our next stage of development. We can enhance, awaken and enrich ourselves and our water world. The solution is to refer to water only as a revelation, as a gift, and practice acknowledging yourself in the same way. Receive the gift of water and yourself as a new opportunity to see what is held within the moment with you and water. You may ask the water within your field to awaken so that you may awaken. We have been in slumber too long. What would the water do? May the water be with you.

In La’Kesh and Veritas.

​Laota Of The Sun

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