A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun – 10.25.21

A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun - 10.25.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

We trees ask that you listen to our warning. Everyone will have to learn a new way to live in order to survive what is to come. The fears that many hold are all illusions that propagate throughout the atmosphere. Fear is the true plague, the true contagion.

With this understanding, man can learn how to clear it and raise above it. We trees have tirelessly been clearing this low vibrational frequency of fear. It has now been brought to a severe intensity, causing irrational thoughts and irrational acts in man. The truth, that beam of light brought forth by Of The Sun, stupefying the dark forces as they cannot identify where this opposition of light is coming from, has helped to deter and delay the dark outcomes of this lower vibrations on Earth.

The contagions on Earth were brought forward by those dark forces to re-ignite those lower vibrations of fear, countering the light of truth being revealed, being unmasked, causing their dark efforts to no longer be as effective. Continue to strengthen your efforts, Of The Sun, by bringing forward the Divine Feminine with the power of All That Is.

All That Is has always been available to support you. All one needs is to do is recognize, acknowledge, and call upon it and the Universal powers will do the rest. This does not mean for man to sit back once these powerful forces of All That Is and the Divine Feminine are called upon. It means that these original powerful forces that have been suppressed and hidden from man have now been brought forward and are available to be utilized to restore life back onto this planet. It is up to each individual, every man, to support himself and do his part in saving this Earth and saving life. Those who align themselves with the preservation of life, will reap the benefits that the Universe has in store, the others will be succumbed by those dark forces, the lies and illusions and will perish to extinction.

Continue your efforts, Of The Sun, showing others who wish to elevate and strive to that highest pitch to assist in restoring and sustaining life and we the trees will continue to assist you, as it is our mission, our truth, aligning and adhering to those Universal principles through the power of All That Is and the Feminine Divine.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,
In La’Kesh and Veritas!

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