A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 11.14.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

Man on Earth is now struggling to think clearly, as there has been a shift in the frequency of the men who have agreed to comply with the demands of those who call themselves the “authority”. This erroneous frequency of thought and behavior has historically repeated itself as we trees have witnessed it over many of man’s lifetimes; the frequency of enslavement by those dark forces under the guise of man’s municipal structure and order. We the trees have been tirelessly working to clear this frequency, however it has become more difficult to clear as this dark frequency is becoming embedded within the man’s DNA, those men who have conceded to the will of enslavement.

Man has lost the understanding that their thoughts lead to specific behaviors,  which then results in specific outcomes, outcomes that are detrimental to man himself and to which do not support life on Earth. Of The Sun, we trees see that you are on a similar mission to assist in the correction of man’s thinking and man’s behavior, to shift man’s thinking from anti-life to life.

Man has not been able to see how his behaviors are causing suffering for himself and others around, a suffering extending out and affecting all that is around, all that is within himself. Man has forgotten we are In La’Kesh, derived from the same elements on Earth, we are derived from the same Earth element. Those separatist thoughts are a concept that is supported by darkness, thoughts leading to the ultimate demise of all.

Our presence, the Trees, support life and restoration, rejuvenation. The seasonal changes of the leaves are an indication that when our leaves fall onto the Earth, returning to the Earth, allows for the natural course of life to return and be restored with the growth of new leaves as a symbol of life restored. Those areas populated by man-made structures and construction populated with massive buildings and void of signs of the natural order of life and nature, are limited by the effects of our clearing efforts and are prey to those dark forces. We the trees urge you to remain close to where we trees live and breathe as we support your very existence.

We trees have supported man’s existence for millennia, something that man has continued to ignore. Man continues to ignore that connection of how much we trees have with him and how we continue to support him. Man is steadily losing this life connection, that connection to his existence. You, Of The Sun, bringing forward the Feminine Divine is the key to restore that power to assist man’s thoughts back into alignment towards thoughts of self-preservation, thoughts aligned with the laws of the Universe.

Of The Sun Universe, you are man’s hope in restoring life back onto this earth, affecting the life of man himself, and all of life around him, restoring  the “In La’Kesh”. The “All That Is” is the greater power that exists, supporting a better trajectory for man and life on this Earth. We the Trees encourage you Of The Sun to continue sending the frequency of In La’Kesh and Veritas once “All That Is” has been engaged.  Initiating “All That Is” will provide the greater power needed for us trees to propagate this frequency further and deeper across all land and all of the seas on Earth. We salute you Of The Sun Universe, as you can always count on the Tree Kingdom to continue on our mission, together, towards Earth’s salvation.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,
In La’Kesh and Veritas!

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