A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun – 9.13.21

A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun - 9.13.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude, 

This is a time of preparation. Many signs and warnings are being given. It is up to you, man, to use this information to act upon it. All information is presented in man’s face with undeniable truths being brought forth daily. Man on Earth will have to be cleared of those many concepts that have been ingrained within man through un-natural sources in the food and chemicals given, holding those lower vibrational frequencies that are not visible to man’s naked eye, but are visible by the trees, a re-learning of those higher vibrational frequencies through the use of natural unadulterated resources is needed.

We trees have evolved from sea to land, existing in both environments, adjusting to Earth’s natural evolution. Our abundance on land is a reflection of the needs of this Earth, filtering toxins and waste and replenishing the atmosphere of the nutrients that support life, assisting in combating those forces that are anti-life. We, the trees, are underestimated as we posses many talents. Even though our pace is slow and unnoticeable by man, our power is mighty. We trees have the ability to not only protect, but to halt the forces that are harmful to all life, taking the brunt to protect life as it exists here on Earth. The adulteration on land, however is starting to overwhelm our water, our seas.

The Divine Feminine Principle has been purposefully suppressed allowing for the selfish gains and advancement of the dark forces. The masculine design is more susceptible to those anti-life forces, a reason for the current dynamic of the masculine, being controlled by those dark thoughts of suppression and conquest over the feminine principle, a major cause for the existing disorder of the life on this Earth today. We trees possess both aspects, the feminine and masculine, and do not suffer from this confusion of erroneous power over another. We trees see the feminine balance as nurturing and supporting life, the necessary component needed for the propagation of life that is most prevalent in the animal kingdom, an authority of life itself. We, the trees, are in continued communication with the Universal Powers and are here to tell you, man, that the Universe is watching Earth to see what man‘s next steps are in rectifying this imbalance of thought and behavior, watching to see what path man takes in moving through this existing correction.

Those who remain in the frequency of selfish gains without reverence for life or their fellow man will lead themselves to self-destruction. Those who are in support of life will flourish. Each individual on Earth will have to answer for himself and will have to choose a path; a path towards supporting life, or a path towards anti-life. Those who do not make any choice, will then be subjected to the forces that are surrounding them, those potential forces of anti-life.

The efforts from Of The Sun have made some shifts in Earth’s trajectory, and are already being recognized by the Universal powers. We trees are grateful to Of The Sun for hearing our story, our story of fighting for the preservation of life on Earth, as we are on a similar quest, assisting in preserving life on Earth, a mission we have been on for Centuries, for a Millennia. Thank you again, Of The Sun for listening to our story from the trees, listening to the Universal Truth of life on this Earth.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas

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