A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun – 9.06.21

A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun - 9.06.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude, 

Many shifts are taking place on Earth at this time. Man is starting to feel the discomfort of his present circumstances. Man is starting to see the many incongruencies that exist today, which have always been here, blinded from this truth without challenge by him to affect change, without questioning of its source or cause, conceding to complacency. The Universe is bringing forward circumstances in our world to assist in awakening man so that he has the opportunity to take some action, for man to see the truth that all accomplishments and all life before him will perish if no action is taken.

The turbulence in the weather that we are now seeing in our atmosphere is the Universe’s way of informing all, that the Earth is out of balance, making existing life uncomfortable and to awaken man to make a choice, allowing man to have the opportunity to choose to live in freedom restoring balance, or to choose death through complacency. We shall all see how long it will take for man to remain complacent and how much he will endure before he is awakened to save his life and all life around him, how long it will take for man to realize that without life on Earth, there is no life for him, the understanding of Oneness, the In La’Kesh.

Man was created with the intelligence to manage the Earth, with the responsibility to preserve life that exists on Earth and with the higher levels of thinking that man possesses, to assist in the advancement of Earth for the benefit of not only man himself, but for all of life that exists on this planet Earth. Man was also given the gift of free choice, the freedom to choose, to navigate and sharpen his skills so that he can acquire the information and knowledge for the advancement of all life that exists on Earth. How man chooses to use this gift of knowledge is by freedom of choice. Each choice man makes has consequences with outcomes, good or bad.

The frequencies of lies and deception that has permeated this Earth for so long is now meeting the opposition of Truth. The dark forces that support decisions of selfish gains and anti-life is now met with opposition by the frequencies of Truth brought forward by Of The Sun. The Feminine Divine is the representation of life on Earth as it is the feminine that brings forth and nurtures life for all. The masculine has its role as the protector of life, the protector of the Feminine Principle so that all may survive and thrive, for the propagation of life.

Of The Sun Universe, continue to bring this truth forward as man will begin to hear and see more of his role in the restoration and preservation of himself and the preservation of all life. We must continue to bring this truth forward as the practices brought forth by Of The Sun are breaking through that veil, the barrier that has prevented the masses from seeing the truth for so long. We, the Trees, continue to stand at your side, as you, Of The Sun, are the conduit in bringing this truth forward so that we can survive through this transitional period, moving into a space of restored balance, a victory for all of life.

​With Honor, Respect and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas

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