A Message from The Divine Feminine

Beginning on January 19, 2022, LaOta, Thoth, and the Egyptian Temple Beautiful have been progressively promoting  the restoration of my teeth. The dental world recommendations were three teeth extractions, repairing cracked surfaces on four teeth and a prosthetic appliance to be fitted onto the roof of my mouth permanently. The cost to this proposal was $8000.00. With great enthusiasm, I welcomed the extraordinary opportunity to work with LaOta, Thoth, and Temple Beautiful in Truth and with healing frequencies I have never experienced before.

Week by week unfolded insightful knowledge as I engaged in this process. Speaking with and giving In La’Kesh & Veritas, with Honor, Respect, and Gratitude to the saliva, tongue, jaw, skull, teeth, and palate. This revealed healing information regarding organ systems associated with each tooth, emotions of drama and trauma stored in the teeth, lineage, and DNA components. 

The mouth is the gateway to our digestion of food and of our life experiences. The teeth are the only visible bones of the body. Their alignment, or misalignment, has significance and is reflective of our interior conditions of strength or weakness. The color, the enamel surface, the illumination of the teeth has significance. The mouth is a sacred cathedral. It is a vestibule, a chamber which broadcasts the vocalizations of the spoken word. Our words are archived in the teeth. There is tremendous power in the articulated word which affects and influences our Universe and All That Is.

Week by week physical changes were occurring from realignment of teeth positions, jawline  reshaping, cranial ridge restructuring, temporal elevations, eye orbital prominence, skull alignments, softening of skin lines and increased tone, as well as increased saliva, a solidity in teeth strength, and visible appearance changes to my face. Most recently, we were working on the right side of the mouth and its relationship to the masculine energy, the Divine Masculine balance. This brought forward the past experiences with my father and all the male interactions I have ever had, including male ancestral  issues. Judgement for my father and a disrespect for most men was significant and inappropriate. The high tides of emotions associated with this were to be forgiven and excused.

There was a tendency to chew predominantly on the right side of my mouth. This week April 26th, I invited the left side of my mouth to be addressed in light of the feminine and Divine Feminine balance. This side of my mouth has several missing teeth. I share with you today the communication that came forward from the Divine Feminine:

We have been silenced for a long, long time. Stifled and suffocated from our voice, language, identity, and our soul. Our words were not to be heard. There has been a one way dynamic of imbalance to listen and to do what is being asked or demanded of. There are specific roles of gender expectations. There is an enslavement, a devalued and unacknowledgement for the Divinity of who we are.  An increase of stress to the left side of the mouth with clenching and pressure due to pent up rebellious emotions, triggers the erosion of teeth. Imprinted were programs of untruths and fear. This set a template of being subjected to addictive behaviors, alcoholism, money mismanagement, food misuse and abuse. A cloud of disrespect for all of life and fellow humans evolved. A cyclic pattern in the lineage appears as heart issues, heart attacks, and heart-lung symptoms. Diabetes presents itself as a lack of sweetness and joy, along with broken hearts, and a lack of love experience. Living from a “pseudo” love delusion and illusion state rooted in the diminished heart. There is no sacred celebration. No freedom to be one’s gifted self. Living a robotic life of dim light and shadows. Existing in the shadows of someone else who we allowed to be in control. Missing teeth represent the “void” of unfulfillment and lack of creative expression. An empty space, unfulfilled, unacknowledged, and unrecognized for who you are. Residing in the void, the unlife, the unlove, the darkness feeds the dull, monotonous, repetitive looped patterns of past trauma day after day, after day. One is swallowed up in numbness.

Let us breathe in new life with the rising up of the Divine Feminine. To be nurtured and unconditionally loved, into the nature of All That Is. To cultivate, appreciate, and give value and meaning for one’s self as a priority. To foster self love by living in harmony of Divine Inspiration. It is time to stand up in our power, our destiny, our Divine Feminine. Be acknowledged, be present, moving forward into growth and evolution. Engage in life and living.  No more darkness! Radiate in the light. Move forward, validated through the Divine Feminine ancestral lineage.  Break the chains of immobilization. Incandescent with teeth illumination….filled with a brightness, a vitality, a vibrance, strength, stamina and performance. Shine forward and be seen.

In La’Kesh & Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect and Gratitude.

Donna Of The Sun

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