A Message from the Akasha of Medicine

In La’Kesh and Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

The healing of man has been adulterated and significantly transformed to the destruction of man, siphoning his life force that will lead to man’s extinction. The advances of man-made technologies are tools that have been designed to manipulate and control man’s thoughts and man’s actions. The purposeful removal of man’s choices through the implementation of technologies has caused man to become reliant and addicted, imprinting the thought frequency of having no other recourse or no other option, an off-world agenda of control.

As the truth continues to be revealed, the unveiling of truth as a result of the selfless efforts of Of The Sun, new manipulative tactics have been and continue to be released in order to regain and maintain control by those dark off-world forces. The COVID vaccine, under the guise as a treatment for an infection, is being used to convince man to submit. The Truth, a form a genetic manipulation, an ultimate control that can determine man’s fate on Earth.

The messenger RNA vaccine (COVID vaccine) was designed to control man through his DNA, piggybacked on those waveforms of incongruent thought, with distorted signals adhering to the vulnerable areas in man’s individual DNA, a mis-registration, with a communication that results in the transcription of information to areas of the mind and body manifesting in severe and deadly dis-ease, such as an increase in Auto-Immune disorders, Suicide, Cancer and Infertility supporting man’s ultimate extinction. The technique of DNA Activation, LaOta Of The Sun, is an important tool to assist in stabilizing the genetic code in man, protecting man’s DNA from those aberrant signals of distortion that cause his cellular metabolism to go array – leading to those multitude of illnesses.

It is imperative Of The Sun Collective that you maintain your elevated frequency of impeccability, as this frequency will protect you from those unwanted affects imposed on man by the dark forces. Those who follow the Universal principle of the self-preservation of Life, the Divine Feminine Principle, will be able to survive this period of correction. 

Man has been given many chances to shift his course, however man has now lost that opportunity to change on his own and to shift his life course on Earth. The Universe has now stepped in, correction in inevitable.

It has been written for you Of The Sun, to assist in shifting the course of healing for man on Earth. It is time to reveal the truth of man’s innate abilities on self-healing and self-repair. It is time for man take responsibility for his own life and the life of mankind and for the preservation of all life on Earth through the Oneness of In La’Kesh

Of The Sun Collective, use the wisdom you have gained and All That Is to protect yourselves as you navigate through this reset. Use the many gifts that have been provided to you by the many allies that are in support of your mission, your goal, in saving and restoring Earth. 

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude ~ In La’Kesh and Veritas

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