Air Pt. 14 with LaOta Of The Sun

In La’Kesh and Veritas –

Welcome – I see many familiar faces and many familiar logos and crop circles.

Welcome to Air 14, the Octahedron. 

Of the Sun is in the service to All That Is, to the grand plan. We are here as an aspect of actualization of our purpose. The purpose that we fulfill in this lifetime, that fulfills our contract with the Universe, with All That Is.  It is our will that we make our records and show our dedication to the truth of our experience as part of All That Is.

We are here with you in truth and we encourage you to join us to call to see the truth in all that you see, to be able to identify what is true. We call to hear the truth so that we may have an audible understanding of what we see. We may hear the truth. Shall we call to speak the truth, to have the courage to vocalize what is true, what is right, what is strong, what will support us. Shall we call for the truth to come into our experiences. Shall we invite the truth to join us to be with us, to be a part of our experience. Shall we separate ourselves from the aspects that are not the truth, the things that are the lie. Shall we call for the truth to come into us. Shall we call for the power of the Divine Feminine to come back into our world with the Way, the Way to balance through Honor, Respect, and Gratitude. 

I greet you today with In La’Kesh and Veritas, with Honor, Respect, and Gratitude.

The Octahedron is a Platonic Solid. It is a polyhedron. It is one of the five Platonic Solids. Each Octahedron looks like a triangle. It is one of the many shapes that exist and is considered Sacred Geometry – that which are made from quad shapes. The Octahedron is two pyramids put together. So you can see what this looks like on a molecular level. It is not just a mathematical formula. It is a molecular design. It is the design of air. The Octahedron represents the air. The air is the invisible gaseous substance that surrounds the Earth. It’s mostly a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.

Shall we have a toast of air together. Shall we partake of air together. Shall we breathe. I invite you to breathe with me. Let us breathe together. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) tallies up many things and has reported a shocking number that 99% or almost the entire world’s population breathes air with unhealthy levels of fine particulate material and nitrogen dioxide which threatens our health. Let us breathe again.  Sometimes when we hear shocking details we forget to breathe. So, this is shocking, but this is something we already know.

4.2 million people die from exposure to outdoor air pollution. So, we go outside where there is fresh air and 4.2 million people die from being outside where we think the air is fresh. We intuit that it would be fresh air. However, the air is polluted with many things in the waveform. It’s damaging our lungs and we are repairing them through processes, but the body is making adjustments and changing so that the body will be able to receive oxygen. We already receive oxygen through our skin and this will become a greater part of our experience as time goes on.  As the lungs have been assaulted for decades and decades before our parents and decades before that, our bodies are being readied for a future where we breathe somewhat differently but also in a way that we are already designed to breathe. So our lungs are changing and our skin is changing and taking up more of the duties to help us filter what is in the waveform in our air. 

An additional 3.8 million people have deaths linked to household smoke, mostly produced by dirty stoves and fuel for people who live in third world countries who don’t have a granite countertop and new electric stove. They are burning all matter of things to keep themselves warm and to give themselves light and to cook their food.  Take a moment to breathe. Let us breathe together.

It is also known that in urban settings gas is damaging and causing significant respiratory disease such as asthma. Most of us know someone who has asthma, or we see people with oxygen in our experience as we are in our lives matriculating our process. We see people on oxygen.  Of the Sun sells oxygen. We have oxygen available because our brains are not getting enough oxygen. Which reminds me, breathe  [Audible inhale and exhale]. 

In mathematical modeling of available air pollution data, from 80% of the world’s urban areas, there are indications that almost every one of us faces an increase risk of heart disease, stroke, lung disease, cancer, and pneumonia.  This would be a good time to breathe, to thank the air. 

Much of these pollutants originate from human activities related to fossil fuel combustion, cars. Again you are encouraged to breathe. 

Humanity, mankind in general, has not been able to break the sphere of the coercion, the aggression of the things that have hijacked our inspiration, things that deny our invention that would break the death grip of the lobbied industrialization that has retarded and handicapped the progress that is in our own best interest and in the best interest of our air.

So, we are very proud of ourselves that we have the latest phone. I understand that we are able to make artificial wombs now. We can make babies in test tubes. But we have not been able to address what we breathe that is destroying our lungs – but creation has a way of improvising, of moving forward, so we will be shifting into more skin breathing. And you may try it now.


Too many benefit from keeping us subjected to archaic technology that is subservient to primitive unsustainable schemes masquerading as solutions to pollution that do not serve us, that serve only the interest of anti-life. It is anti-life that removes and dirties and destroys the air that then destroys our lungs. While we still can, we should breathe. You are encouraged to breathe. 

There are so many examples of those who have freely endowed, who we have freely endowed with our power, the power of the people we have given the authority and the power over to others who have used it against us. We are aware of that because the decisions being made about our air are affecting our lungs and the ability of the air to resuscitate us through our lungs, however, with the beneficence of creation, we happen to have a spare magical system through our skin to help us. 

You are encouraged to breathe. 

We have bestowed authority upon the governments and the world leaders and they stand upon it to disavow global warming in the face of the facts and the overwhelming data to the contrary because it benefits their opportunities and agenda and we have remained passive as this is the world we live in without exaggeration. I encourage you to breathe. 

Another example would be, many of us know that there is an idea called free energy that has been discovered in our world which has been suppressed and is still suppressed so that mega fortunes can be made on the backs of those who ignore or who live in ignorance and are not interested in pursuing keeping our air clean. We have found this out when we do not take responsibility. When we do not operate in Whole’sponsibility, we lose. When we seek others, insurance companies, governments, social services, religion to protect us, we lose. There is a no exit in the escape consciousness that our world lives in. We are in an escape consciousness that leads to the addiction of your choice. You may want to breathe. Some of what I am saying requires that you have air.

We are in an escape based society running from the global problems. We are not only running from problems, we are sleep deprived, we breathe shallowly, we don’t get our breath in our sleep, we don’t get our breath when we are awake. But here you have an opportunity to breathe.  We are under attack by our own fear and panic, and we are losing the battle. The fear is winning, however, a solution would be to breathe. When faced with panic, when in a mode of feeling attacked, it is safe and in your favor to breathe.

We are 7.96 billion people on an overpopulated planet feeling isolated and alone. Less connected at the deepest levels but everything that is available to breathe is exhaled from another. And this is all that there is – what we inhale and what we exhale. We are in a closed system and all that has been done to it. You are encouraged to breathe.

We are facing intimacy conflicts that are compounded in our children, in our adults, and in our grandparents and all that we see, and the way the job treats us, and the way we treat ourselves. This intimacy, not giving enough intimacy, IN-TI-MA-CY (In- to- me- see), to get enough IN-TI-MA-CY (In-to-me-see) returned to you. Intimacy, are we giving intimacy so that we may receive and encourage others to give intimacy. You are encouraged to breathe. 

We are in an antitrust crisis because we are not trustworthy to ourselves, to our planet. We are the planet, we are All That Is and we have not protected our own air. And now many changes, evolutionary changes, are being made within our bodies. We must breathe. You are encouraged to take a deep breath. 

We may not survive the great success we think we are having. All the money in our accounts and all the revolutionary technical wonders, all the A.I. revolutions, as we live on meds. You may die rich but you will still be dead on meds. You are encouraged to breathe. 

Most of us are in PTS breathing, Post Traumatic Stress, shallow, insufficient breath all the time which keeps us in panic and afraid. You are encouraged to breathe. 

We have not been taught how to allow for grief and so we breathe even more shallow when we have an experience of loss or grief. We are not taught how to weep as an expression of strength. We are not taught how to move through the memories of each person in their life book, so that we may have the experience of understanding what they gave us and what they stood for so that there would be very little grief. You are encouraged to breathe. 

We are not taught to grieve into the stories of those who leave us, who exit, to find our peace into knowing that there really is no death. They lived and they live through your knowing and understanding their story in this lifetime. There still is no death. There is only life and more life and as they say afterlife. There’s only life. You are encouraged to breathe. 

Many of us are in a desperate vice grip that is interfering with our own exit process and with others. Interfering with our own life and our own death. The two actions that are both connected as life that we refer to as death. It is an exit process entering into a new experience and leaving another experience. Most people don’t know that, that there is still life so they are not breathing. They lose their breath because they can’t breathe into the truth of that. We are in delusion that others owe us something and that they should continue to live for us, inappropriately holding the dead to us keeping them from moving on to their next experience. They owe us no-thing, nothing. I know that was a lot.  You might want to breathe. They don’t owe us anything. Breathe in your own air. Feel the peace that it will bring you. 

Many of us feel the need and the right to control or enslave the living and the dead, in death and in life. In the hope of staving off what we imagine as extinction. There is no extinction.  Energy can not be extinguished. This is wonderful news. Breathe. 

Tonight we are going to ask you to join us in a meditation. The meditation is a technology of sorts. It helps us work through things that are complicated for us when we are breathing shallow. So, what we would like to ask you is to move into the idea of meditation. If you would take a moment everyone and hydrate.  If you can drink a little water, we will move into a little bit of a meditation with the air tonight. This will be divine inhalation… 

We’ll start in one moment, one minute giving you time to get some water, 60 seconds. So, if you position yourself and if you would sit up straight, if you would find your meditative stance – move away from the back of the chair so your back is not against the chair, so you are sitting holding yourself up. Drink your water. You are encouraged to relax. I am going to have my water now. I am giving my water In La’kesh. Our water is oxygen as well and has air in it. This is a part of your air experience. We will begin now.


Divine Inhalation 

This will be a ten minute meditation. Then we will be open to comments, thoughts, or questions.  

On your screen, you will see… and we are ready now 

So, shall we begin. You can see the image of a lung on your screen. We’re going to work with the breath of the lungs on the screen, with our own divine inhalation. So we begin… breathe and exhale, breathe in, and rest on the breath as you exhale. Allow yourself deep relaxation. Breathe in the divine inhalation of air and then exhale. Recognize that this is the animating force in creation, and exhale.  Breathe in deeply and naturally. Air and breathing are magical alchemy. Breathe in and rest on the breath on the exhale. Continue to breathe in and rest on the breath on the exhale. 

The alchemy of breathing turns you from acid to alkaline. This is technology. This is magic. This is creation. This animates you. We will be moving in our future into breathing through our largest organ, our skin. It could be considered our third lung. Continue to breathe and exhale, rest on the exhale. Our skin already breathes. It is alive and it has a rhythm. Breathe in and rest on the exhale. It is an inhalation and exhalation. It absorbs oxygen on its inhale and nutrients. It senses life and it regulates heat and cold. It releases. It is the exhale of the skin, carbon dioxide. The skin sheds dead cells and completely rejuvenates itself every 28 days. Breathe in again. It protects our bones and our organs, allowing us to feel power of sensation and it breathes. Breathe in and rest on the exhalation. 

We want to pay attention to our skin now. It is an outer lung and the pores can be seen as the doorways. In Chinese medicine, they are the doorways to Chi, or the energy that the body uses they protect us from forces that are dangerous to us. They are our first line of defense. When we work with our skin, we increase our immune system and keep the doorways open to the power that comes in through the breathing of the pores. Remember to continue your breathing in and out. It is important to ready ourselves for our future of breathing through the skin, allowing the air to come through the pores of the skin with your conscious agreement to start understanding that this is going to happen to assist the evolutionary leap. When we inhale through our nose, the body creates amazing chemical reactions that boost our immune system, reduce inflammation, and improves blood flow to the organs. The same thing happens when we breathe through our skin, through the pores. We can filter all of the air and be resuscitated. Our immune system becomes vibrant and we continue to be animated. It is important to have conscious understanding of the breathing of the skin.  

So now we are going to switch from breathing as we were breathing, inhaling and resting on the exhale, and you are going to bring your awareness to the largest organ in the body. You are going to ask your skin – will it allow you to have the experience of skin breathing?  We are going to move forward and take a breath with our skin. It is not that you may not use your nose and your lungs, but you are beginning to establish the relationship of conscious breathing with the skin. Inhaling and exhaling and again. Note how you feel in your brain as the oxygen comes in a different way. And again, breathe through all the pores in your skin. Activate them. Ask them to awaken to your conscious understanding, as they’ve been breathing all along.  Again, breathe through your skin. See if you can isolate the area you are breathing in your skin. Are you breathing through your arms, through your body, through your legs, are you using your whole body? Breathe and exhale through your skin. This is our future. This is where we have come to and you are the first to begin this understanding of creating the Morphic Field that allows us to continue, as there is no death, there is only life and more life and the afterlife. Again, we are coming to the end. We have time to breathe again. And then we are going to finish with you going back to your nose and breathing the majority of your breath through your lungs so you can feel the difference. Breathe in and rest on the breath as you exhale again, back to the nose.  Breathe in,  rest on the breath as you exhale and again breathe in.  Oxygenate your brain. Direct the air to your brain and exhale. And again breathe in. And we are complete. You may slowly open your eyes or come back into the experience. We hope this has been an expansive experience for you. 

There’s so much to talk about here.  We hope that you will join us in a conversation about what you have just experienced with the alchemy of divine inhalation and the magic of the beauty of our bodies. 

The floor is open for any thoughts or comments anyone would like to share. 

(comment) In La’Kesh and Veritas, with Honor, Respect, and Gratitude –  

It was quite magnificent. When we started breathing through our skin, it was as this was being spoken I saw a lizard and the green skin of the lizard. They also breathe through their skin and this was the mechanism we were going to access and my brain started throbbing and pulsating. It’s still pulsating and throbbing, quite a magnificent experience. As we were doing deeper, breathing using the skin, I could feel different energy blockages being moved in a different way than I had experienced it before. This was quite magnificent. Thank you very much! In La’Kesh and Veritas, with honor respect and gratitude

(LaOta responds) Thank you for your comment. The idea that there was a release taking place is quite true. It was quite a bit released just in the expansion of the understanding there were implants in your thinking that were released that has expanded your consciousness. And this idea of skin breathing is something we recommend you do daily. Thank you.

Does anyone else have a thought?

(comment) In La’Kesh and Veritas, with Honor, Respect, and Gratitude 

I wanted to share what I experienced with the lung breathing. What I experienced with the lung breathing was like a new breastplate or something was being created within the body.

[LaOta: Yes]

And then when we switched to skin breathing, it was like a new skin or covering and it started at the brain stem and went forward all the way forward to the front of the head and then covered the entire body. So, it was almost like a new skin we were put into, a new skin bag, if I can say it that way. In La’Kesh and Veritas. 

(LaOta) Now before you go, tell us what was, is your conclusion about the experience? 

Basically, a recreation of our being

[LaOta: Yes]

We have become something different. My understanding also, if I dwell a little deeper, is the individuals with Of The Sun, as we step into knowing who we are, we are affecting creation and humanity at a phenomenal level. It transcends what we could actually think, it spans so deep into the galaxies and everything and just knowing that and having that responsibility and taking on that responsibility is a great honor and I just want to say thank you, LaOta, for your teaching and saving our lives.

(LaOta responds) Look at you looking at the truth like that.  Look at you. Yes, everything you said is true. This is the beginning of the understanding that is necessary for humanity and you are the fore-runners. This willing exercise to step forward will open the door for many more to live. Without these understandings, there could be confusion and death. Thank you. 

(comment) In La’Kesh and Veritas, With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

My experience with the skin breathing compared with the breathing through the lungs, it was a purification, like a filtration, if you will. Breathing through the skin as opposed to breathing in through the lungs. That was what I was getting from guidance. There is more air purification with regards to this form of breathing. 

(LaOta) When did you notice the difference? What was the difference?

More oxygen and greater energy, and oxygen for the brain for better thought power. Yes, more power, more energy. That’s what I was gathering. You know learning how to do that. That’s going to be, what I am getting, that’s just the way we are going to have to shift to survive with everything with our pollutants in the air and in the atmosphere. This is the way we are going to shift, how we are going to shift to get the oxygen, the energy into our system. 

(LaOta responds) Yes. This is so pertinent that we have this conscious understanding of the solution. We have the solution.  Even though the air has been aggressed and poisoned and it has brought our lungs to a point where they can not function in the same way. We have been given the power of the largest organ of the body to be grateful for. We now have the ability to filter, you know, what anti life has done in our world. Thank you.

(comment) In La’Kesh and Veritas, With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

I’m just anxious to do this new breathing through my skin with the breath of fire!

(LaOta) Of course you are. 

This is going to be so awesome, thank you so very much. With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

(LaOta)I encourage you to check, always check, never assume, be specific. 

Yes! Thank you. 

(LaOta) Thank you.  Anyone else have any comments or thoughts about their experience or about the idea of what’s going on with the air or the Octahedron or the fact it fits together as two pyramids? It’s very… the whole idea about air is exciting and intriguing. 

(comment) In La’kesh and Veritas With Honor Respect and Gratitude –

For me, the experience was expanding and as everyone has said I can notice, noticed  the difference immediately with once we started the skin breathing of course. When we were doing the nose breathing, I did feel increased oxygenation because there is a tendency to do some shallow breathing at times.  But when we included the skin breathing I really felt the circulation improve throughout my entire body. Including increasing to the brain. And what I wanted to say about this becoming a mode of survival, I can see how historically, how we initially were set up anatomically with the lungs and the damage that has been done to the interior of the lungs with the exterior environment and that how with the skin shedding every 28 days allows us to continually to be able to reproduce and get better and still survive with this new form of breathing. You know where as the lungs, historically weren’t able to do that, once they are damaged, there’s damage and its very difficult to repair them but with the skin regenerating every 28 days, this allows us a new opportunity to increase our ability for survival and betterment of our physiology. So that’s what I wanted to say.

(LaOta responds) Thank you. This is so true and brings to mind the fact that so many of our allies, Father Tree and all of trees, that stand in dedication to the Earth and to humanity and all of life producing oxygen for us to breathe, we still stand strong in that. The anti-life has not been successful. We remain free of what they have done and creation itself has stepped forward with evolution that will take us into the next experience that will allow us to complete our contracts and to step in, to have time to step into our purpose and throw off the fear that has stopped us. The gratitude to those allies that produce air, the plants and the trees, and then to the air itself that still is able to get through to us, to animate, that is the divine inhalation. That is the first thing a light does when it arrives here… it takes a breath of air. So this is wonderful that we now have this understanding as the solution to air. Thank you so much.

Anyone else have a thought. 

(comment) In La’Kesh and Veritas With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude.  

I just wanted to note thank you for bringing this forward. It was interesting when I went in to ask my skin to, you know, help with the breathing and sending gratitude. It was just a serene moment. It switched over kind of effortlessly and then when we went back over to nose breathing, I felt the labor within my lungs and it was, it was tiresome in a way. So, just very grateful for this new way of evolving and just being able to show more gratitude to a part of the body that is often ignored and neglected. So, In La’Kesh and Veritas With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude.

(LaOta responds) Thank you. This is wonderful that you have the appropriate reverence and respect for all parties concerned. This is what got us into this situation. We didn’t care about our lungs. We didn’t care about the pollution. We didn’t care who we put in charge to make deals to make laws. All of that came from not being in reverence and respect. So this level of reverence and respect for the power of creation, life itself, this is the Divine Feminine. Air is a Divine Feminine aspect because it gives life. And this is life. We have much to be grateful for. Thank you so much for your comment.

(comment) In La’Kesh and Veritas, Honor, Respect, and Gratitude, 

A few different things I’d like to touch on. On the experience of breathing through the skin, it’s a pretty neat experience. Very similar to many others on the line, where I could clearly feel the difference.  I could feel the cells getting oxygenated. It was noticeable. It’s palpable. I also could recognize this level of engagement with the air in this way. I am in my infancy. So there’s that awareness as well. Because I’m trying to pull in more and it’s like this is all you can uptake right now. You know, just work with what you got. Then switching over to the lungs where you wanted us to be able to tell the difference between the two. I thought it was interesting language that was shared: someone felt the labor of it. And that labor was referring to as labor, I would in my experience I was referring to as density. Like I could feel the density of the air. I could feel the weight of it. So that was that as well. Very noticeable, very palpable. And of course the energetic aspect the tingling all over. There was also a noticeable physical  experience that came about. I could feel the surface of my skin cool. It felt cool. It was cool, pun intended. The second idea is this future trajectory of breathing through the skin, which sounds weird, you know, from the outside looking in, or if you haven’t heard the concept before. However, I can see a clear trajectory I have enough clarity where this could definitely be a thing for humanity. And one, we are already doing it [Right] I did a little bit of research and the skin pulls in a significant amount of oxygen. But its just how much of it, like I understand that it’s just the first layer that’s up-taking it. Just imagine if you are engaging consciously where these other aspects of up-taking oxygen become available just through building relationship. 

And so one of the things I wanted to present was it made me think about, you said something along the lines of ‘creation has a way of improvising’. It made me think about this idea of this shift between how we currently breathe through the lungs and how it would shift to predominantly to breathing through the skin. It made  me think about what happens with the senses. Where people who go blind and lose their sight,  they see through hearing and through sound. I understand there are various levels to that too. Where there are even people who they can see vibrations make the shapes or the silhouettes of what’s in the three dimensional space outside of them that appears in their mind’s eye. It’s that deep. You know other surface level experiences of engaging with seeing through hearing. So would you say that would be accurate?

(LaOta responds) I actually expect to be able to smell flowers with my hands and eat them. I expect to plant and have the experience by touching that I currently have by breathing. It is important for humanity to those of us who survive. It is important that we plant and that we are proper tenders to the Earth with whatever we can do to resuscitate what has been done to all the Platonic Solids: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Our changing gives us an opportunity to be proper stewards for the Earth itself. Planting is one of the most important things for us to do. Calling for the Divine Feminine, asking for the power of life itself to come into us and into our experience into our hands as we plant our hands in the dirt. As we grow food and as we grow things, this is the power that will change our world and change the direction of how things are chosen. Whether something lives or doesn’t live may in fact be something you can assist with.  You can assist with life coming forward on this planet in a way that it is being destroyed, being undeniably destroyed. We can all plant, we can all breathe deeply, the oxygen into all the cellular, molecular material in our brains through our skin and what we need to experience already, anything we put on our skin goes into our organs. We just don’t have a very dimensional experience with it, but if we were holding roses and feeling the frequencies, the highest possible frequencies of roses from all of the dimensional levels in our hands, what a glorious reward that would be to be a steward of the Earth and be given such a gift. You are encouraged to call for the Power of Divine Feminine and to plant and to continue to plant and be grateful. Remember to honor the Air, the Earth, the Water, the Fire, you, your skin, and your method of breathing. 

Does anyone else have any other final comments before we go? 

If not, we thank you and we leave you with In La’Kesh and Veritas with Honor, Respect, and Gratitude.

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