A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 9.5.22

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

Man has several forces working against him, affecting his life span on this
Earth. Aging is a reflection of the Earth’s life force being consumed by darkness. In the past man lived for several hundred years, until the dark forces on Earth took a stronghold on Earth, usurping the life force from man and from the many living things that inhabit Earth today. This siphoning of Earth’s energy has taken a toll on the life of man, shortening his lifespan to a fraction of its original intent. The ever-increasing toxicities affecting Earth is not only affecting the longevity of man, but also affecting all that is living on Earth. The usurping of man’s life energy is one of the most egregious threats that is facing man on Earth today.

The fires and floods on land will continue and worsen as man continues to adulterate Earth, those escalating self-sabotaging toxic actions, being only a reflection of how man feels about himself: not having enough, not being good enough, a delusion from an off-world concept imprinted into man’s thoughts that will cause him to continue this course of self-destruction until there is no energy left to sustain life, transforming Earth into a barren and lifeless world.

The propagation of false information to separate man from his mother, the Earth, encouraging him to follow false idols, has led him to a world filled with illusion and without purpose. Those who are awakened can see the truth of how much darkness ensues this world, while others continue to live in a fantasy, that keeps him unfulfilled
and in suffering.

Man continues to chase after his youthful energy, a power that is inherent to him. This energy force, however, continues to be stolen from him as man continues to give it away to those dark forces outside of him, living with the illusion, the false belief, that he must acquire and pay for youth outside of himself. In reality, man’s youth has always been his to claim and with this lack of understanding, has caused man to suffer throughout his life and through many of his lifetimes.

As darkness continue to consume the Earth, the shorter is the lifespan of all
of life, including man. The Life of man can only be restored when he embraces the Mother Earth, and embraces the Universal Principles supported by the All That Is. By living a life close to Mother Earth and to Nature, man can find greater clarity of the innate power he holds with a greater understanding of the true power of nature that surrounds him.

We trees have the ability to live for hundred’s of years in a given lifetime and planted into the Earth that supplies us with the life energy needed that maintains and supports the cycle of life.

Thank you Of The Sun Collective for acknowledging what matters, the Earth, the
Trees, the plants and all the animals that help to sustain the natural cycle of
life on Earth. If man does not soon see the truth of where he was created, derived from the Mother Earth, paying his humble respects with Honor and Gratitude to the Divine Feminine, he will soon find himself at the mercy of the darkness that will continue to consume Earth and himself in it, unto his own extinction.

Of The Sun Collective, we urge you to stay the course with purpose and on your mission. Your continued dedication to practices is the vehicle that will open man’s eyes to how life should be and how to survive by living an elevated and authentic life of gratitude, hope and love. This is the secret formula to man’s longevity, an elixir that man continues to seek but has been unable to find based on misguided directions.

Your unwavering dedication, Of The Sun, by staying the course of truth, is acknowledged by the Universe, and your commitment from the heart is not going unnoticed. We trees will continue to protect and support you, Of The Sun, in this time of the reset, as we will one day walk together on the newly restored and eutopic world called Earth.

With Honor, respect and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas!

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