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Air pt.3

In La’Kesh and Veritas. 

We are going to start tonight with a meditation. A new air meditation which is less than 15 minutes long. We highly recommend that you use this meditation in your morning practice, each day for the month, until we do the next month’s talk. This will help you move more deeply into the consciousness. Each day you will hear and feel and understand at deeper levels. So, if you’re ready, we will start the meditation.

Air meditation three. When we breathe normally or instinctively, our bodies will be supplied with as much air substance as is necessary for normal maintenance. Here, the Air supplies in accordance with our consumption, our normal need. When we begin to breathe consciously, we transfer off an idea or concept, whether it’s abstract or concrete, into the air we are about to inhale. And then that air, that particular air, will accept the thought or concept, and pass it on to the air substance within its field of influence. The impregnated substance of the air has two tasks when it is directed through the lungs and the blood vessels. The first task is to serve and maintain quality. The second task is to take the idea or the concept that it has been charged with, out of the stream through the field of influence and reflected from there into our world. Therefore, it is not as important as the quality, in respect to the idea, which is placed within the air. For this reason, it is not necessary, or even advisable, to overload the lungs with air, and necessarily strain them in any manner. Instead, do your breathing exercises slowly and calmly and without haste.

Let us make ourselves comfortable. By either laying down on the bed or on the sofa or sitting in a comfortable chair. Relax the entire body and breathe through your nose. Imagine that the air you inhale will bring you health and tranquility, inner peace confidence, contentment, success or whatever you are trying to achieve. Let that pass through your lungs, and through your blood, and over and into your body. Whatever you are trying to achieve, whether it be peace or success, imagine it. Imagine it intensely so that the air that you inhale is impregnated with your will. And can become a point of your reality. The air rules all things that move through it, through the airwaves. The air moves all that is communication, that coming together. The idea of the worldwide web is an air idea. The idea of talking, anything audio, is carried, one person to another, from the speaker to their own ears through the air. This communication, which is all about the airwaves, cell phones. It was not recent humans who invented video chat or Skype, it was the idea of air, in its unexpressed expression, a way of touching each other. It is also through this process that we have been out of balance, and we speak too much about thinking what we are saying, that we are impressing on the air. Always speak constantly on cell phones, more than ever before in history, and it affects the nature and the ones that are near the power lines. It affects our trees and our world. The constant, unthoughtful talking, coming together, over, and over relentlessly without clear ideas, filling the atmosphere with chaotic thoughts, sadness, and unhappiness. 

What we can do about that, is, we can impress upon the air, to remove any self-limiting beliefs, each time we breathe. We can ask that we exhale any self-limiting thought patterns. We can ask that we be grateful every time we take a breath, this consciousness, this awareness. Through our intention, we could raise the level of our speech of our talking to a level of praise and acknowledgment. We could praise each other and fill the air with these frequencies. We could acknowledge the relationship we have with the air itself. We could, through our intent, raise the content of the information that is being carried in our world through the air. This could dimensionally change everything. If we imprinted upon each breath, respect, and exhaled limitation, and imprinted upon each breath, reverence, and exhaled low vibrational thoughts, we could imprint upon our breath, our genuine gratitude and appreciation, and exhale all limiting self-doubt. We have the power to change the landscape of our world and we have the power to make it so. 

So now relax, and we are going to do a little breathing. This is an ancient breathing technique, centuries old, and it is something that is extremely effective, a great strategy to bring you into your highest expression, very quickly. Now, with the other information that you have, you can put yourself into the frequency of the higher levels of love and reconciliation, gratitude, selflessness, appreciation, respect. And doing this meditation in that way. 

So, we will begin; Breathe in through your nose for 4 counts, easily, gently, without any effort. Now hold for 4 counts. Now exhale through your mouth for 4 counts. Now hold the breath for 4 counts. Now breathe through your nose for 4 counts. Now let’s transfer our consciousness to the center of the body, to the solar plexus. Have the feeling that you are near The Divine, an atom in the depth and the point, or central point that is located in the frontal solar plexus, below your navel, and the outer spine. This is the central point of depth of your body. Give your consciousness a few minutes in this point, and observe what the body is like, from this point. Now we can begin again, with the breath. Breathe in for a count of 4 and hold the breath for a count of 4. Now exhale through your mouth for a count of 4 and hold for a count of 4. And again, breathe in through the nose for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 4. Exhale through the mouth for a count of 4. Hold the breath for a count of 4. Continue this until you are ready to move up to one more, to three rounds. In a week, do two rounds. You can do this during the day, anytime. This will help you, in intense situations, to be fully present. This will really help your ability to feel that the world is where you’re supposed to be at this time. So, enjoy this, practice it often, do this for 30 days and see what changes you experience. 

Breathe Deep. Fly High. In La’Kesh and Veritas.

Tarvars, did you get oxygenated? Yes. Perfect.

Today, we are discussing the air element, three. Air, making possible our first breath till our last. Air initiates life and ignites life within us. There is the supreme goodness. Air benefits all things without contention or judgment. Air gives life to the good and options to the bad. Each breath is a new opportunity to live again. Each new breath is a lifesaving event from the inevitable death at the end of our breath, unless we are rescued by air, to breathe again. Breathe deep and fly high. 

We know and uphold that honor is due our parents. They bring us together as biology that offer us entry into this earthly, physical experience. They deliver us, quite literally, to physical reality. Our parents feed and clothe and support us for 21 years or better, and it is right that we honor them. But our parents, with all of their love, cannot produce the air that is needed to sustain life. Nor are they able to produce a substitute for air, for even the tiniest of us, for the tiniest amount of time. 

Even with unlimited resources and the latest hardware and software, we are not capable of computating the amount of air that countless, trillions of living things need to breathe. We are not operating in permanence, therefore the accuracy that’s needed for permanence, we don’t have it, we cannot produce a permanent outcome, as we do not have what would make us permanent here. We should breathe deep though and fly high.

The truth is, that in and through all the days, weeks, months, and years that our parents raised us and all of the time that they gave us, or they didn’t give us, if we are here in this moment, we know for sure that air gave each of us breath. Approximately, every 3 to 5 seconds of each minute, each hour, each and every day of the week, week after week, into the months and years, air faithfully and relentlessly gives unselfishly to each and every one of us. The truth is, time is moving faster than ever, life is fleeting, with air racing joyously into our lungs, every 12 to 20 times per minute. It would be wise for us to apprehend every opportunity to consciously engage the air that we breathe in every 3 to 5 seconds. When we intentionally choose to be aware of air, we very easily begin to honor and respect and have gratitude to the clear source that is the air that continues our life. Breathe deep and fly high.

Most of us have soulless relations with air. For us, it is just part of the background of our lives. Air is given to everyone equally. It’s unearned and unexamined. We know air, however, we completely ignore it and squander our appreciation of those that may be helpful, however, it cannot be said of them, that they literally keep us alive, as the air does. Air is offering us a new moment that has never been before. And if wasted, it will not be again, because there is no reverence to the power that is lost in shallow breaths and sluggishness, and slack, self-indulgent sadness. There is no power there, there is no reverence. Even with the constant supply of the underappreciated air, this is still a swift death to us all. We encourage you to breathe deep and fly high.

Collectively, we revel in the knowledge and hold in high esteem, the wide-ranging inventions that make life comfortable for us, the electronics and the flying gadgets and the sporting activities from the Olympics to the much-loved Monday Night Football. We elevate those that invent, participate, and even comment on them. We collectively are the fans, or more properly, the fanatics. Our world is in the energy of worship for all of that. This is the preferred, sought-after sanctuary. This is what you do after you leave what you don’t like – your job, your friends, your family. It is a virtual reality of vicarious delirium, of unhealthy obsession. We encourage you, breathe deep and fly high.

The truth is, we have 17,000 to 30,000 times a day, every 3 to 5 seconds at a time, to be up close and personal, in contact with one of the most powerful elemental forces of nature – air. Air can give us what we seek, what we are looking for in others, the power that is rightfully yours, and the protection from darkness. All that has been ordained for us, it is there, right inside that breath. We recommend you fly high and breathe deep.

We see ourselves as devout to our very religions and political practices, our motivational materials, our entrepreneurial pursuits. We pay homage and money for the continued supplications that keep us in the margins of the blessed, marginally blessed. The truth is that the invisible air, that fills our bodies with the intelligent power to allow us to breathe again and brings us every few minutes to the mortal truth that but for the air we would not be. We are greater than we know, but we are also made of air. Now is the time to awaken from our slumber and engage with the air power within us. Breathe deep fly high. 

Our world bows to the altar of government, monetized cannabis, weaponized microwave ovens, incentivized cell phone plans with complementary radiating, glow-in-the-dark power towers that are installed where people are already too weak to fight back. We are in the midst of hybrid vehicles that pollute and imitations of hybrid vehicles that lie about how much they do not pollute, all the while we are counting our 10,000 steps away from the truth and towards the illusion that there will be a Fit-Bit ascension of the gluten-free. 

Arise from your knees. The truth is that you may come as you are, you may begin when you are ready, you may inhale your way to glory, step to the experience, the power of air. Think of air by intentional breathing, thanking the air as it oxygenates your brain and feeds your creativity. Our relationship can become better as all relationships are better with acknowledgment. We encourage you to breathe deep and fly high.

We would ask that you join us in a demonstration. We would like to have a short, participatory demonstration, where you take a moment to join me in our relationship with air. To see some things, you may not have seen recently. We are going to begin the music and we ask that (are you ready Tarvars? Yes) We are going to ask that when the music begins, and the music will only go on for 35 seconds, we ask that you hold your breath, stop your breath from coming in and out and hold the breath while the music plays. Begin when ready Maestro. OK everyone, so take as big of a deep breath as you can. (Music playing 35 seconds) Did that feel like a long 35 seconds? This is to bring to mind, to give you clarity, about what is really important in life. So, we are going to do it again, but the 35 seconds, didn’t it impress you? We can do it now for 60 seconds. Are we ready Maestro? Yes.  I see some excitement on the lines. When the music begins, you may hold your breath, it will only go for 60 seconds. (Music playing 60 seconds)
Everyone, take a deep breath. Let’s think about what is really important in this life; the stranger’s perspective? that thing that you saw in the catalog on the Internet that you wanted? a girl that you were so in love with? the things that you think are essential to life? Does this help you put into perspective that they cannot oxygenate you – your priest and your team – they can’t tell you the truth,  this is the truth of the experience, the truth of air. You live because you breathe air. That’s the end of that sentence. 

This is to give you a moment to think about this, before we go on with our talk tonight, to bring you into clarity, because we don’t often have the opportunity to be presented with the factual data of what is going on with the air and us. We encourage you to breathe deep and fly high.

The air is humble, and it is one with the mortal law that you must breathe to live. Know that in approximately two minutes without air, you would exit life. Make sure to live each moment with this knowingness, this will help you waste not one breath on what is not important. The truth is that we are made from all the elements of the earth, including air, and that air is living consciousness, and as all living consciousness, when we interact with it, we learn about it, we relate to it, we get much greater return than when we do not. Air has the power to give us what we seek. Speak to the air. Thank the air. Show reverence to the air and then your experience with the air will be greater and the air will help you and protect you and connect with the part of you that is air. It is necessary to recognize your mortality, as a level of clarity in your decision-making. If you would consider, every two minutes the whole thing could be over, the next thing you do might have more value. Wasting life or energy, with resistance or anger or any low vibrational emotion, becomes not only unintelligent but it is also self-sabotage, active self-aggression and more, aggression against the air itself, as you poison the air that enters you, making toxic waste, what you will exhale to the rest of us to breathe. Cultivate the active participation and appreciation for the truth that you could be dead in every two minutes were it not for air. If you live beyond the next two minutes, let gratitude be your successful strategy for the next two minutes. If life could be counted, from one time period of two minutes to the next, would you choose better, what you would say and do with each other? Would you spend your last two minutes infatuated into jealousy or intoxicated into deceit or hypnotized by a critic into a lifelong love of low value of self-esteem of yourself? It is good that we breathe deep and fly high.

Live from the truth that you will die and lose the opportunity to live this life, that this moment is gone and will not return. Now how much time do you have to be hurt about something someone has said to you 30 minutes ago or 30 years ago? How long can you nurse the wound, can you keep it until it makes you sick and then blame all the other people? How long can you find comfort in being justified that you are right in your low opinion of another soul? And in all of your rightness, what have you got? Are you willing to choose to impress your suffering on your own biology, your own divine biology, until its new prime directive is to live a short-circuited life, until you have reprogrammed to hold all negative as fresh material to build and store from, until needed, to slow and stop all the vital organs from functioning? Breathe deep and fly high.

How long can you tie yourself to what you say you don’t want, by holding ever more tightly to the situation, the event or person by strangling yourself of your own life force by clenching your fists until the perceived aggression, in feeding the growing darkness within you, all to punish another by your own suicidal descent into darkness, as you continue to nurse and magnifying and allow a slight or hurt to take you away from the light and the breath that keeps you living. Breathe deep and fly high.

To elevate the hated enemy to the level of God by having to refer to them often and repeatedly, to toss and turn at night and intensely practice the pain of making your suffering greater, thereby crowning your enemy, Lord over your life, tying them inextricably to you, until you choose not to. Breathe deep. Fly high.

Our devout homage, love and self-esteem would be more appropriately placed to the air that comes into us and makes it possible to elevate all others because they live and they choose to consciously and freely breathe again, what they are. When we breathe, we are intimate with the molecules, we become imprinted and changed in each moment we breathe, as we are charged with all of what the air carries into and through us, the pollen, the micro diamonds, the cosmic dust, the jewels from the other planets, the unseen nano worlds in constant intercellular communication, the neutrinos, the galactic exchanges. In each of our daily 30,000 possible breaths, we can change the molecular structure of the air, in our bodies, by our gratitude, our reverence, and our acknowledgment. Breathe deep. Fly high.

Air is intelligent and conscious. It is a neutral equilibrium as a medium between the active and passive activities of the elements of fire and water. All life is set in motion through this reciprocal action of the polarities of the elements. How we think about the air has everything to do with our experience in the world, where we can only live a few minutes without it. Do you find yourself gasping for breath? Having shallow breathing? Trying to catch your breath? Breathing heavy? Are you breathless? Are you having breath-taking experiences?

Air is invisible to us, even though we can see the evidence of our bodies move with its flow. Air is taken for granted by us, as if we think we are the generator of our own ignition, independent. Air is an ignored superpower of the highest magnitude, yet lays hidden and dormant, even as we inhale and exhale, until we awaken with our own appreciation. 

There is a spectacular aspect of nature, that all of you are familiar with, they are called dragonflies. They are the greatest, or at least of the greatest, of the air flyers. They operate with limitless ingenious devices; they have four wings, and they move all four wings in different directions, all at the same time. They can go forward, they can go backwards, they can fly upside down, they can hover. We could too, this could be us. We could do all the things that are impossible for others to do. This could be our opportunity to breathe again. Fly high and breathe deep.

In La’Kesh and Veritas. 

We hope that you have had a new point of view today, a new view of air, a new thought of your relationship with air, the idea of your own mortality, to give you necessary impetus to be in experience with air. So now we would like to encourage you to grow your own air. So, we are going to show on the screen, shortly, some plants that would be easy to care for, that have unique properties, that if you grow them in your home, will oxygenate your home, they operate in a different way than most plants. These are plants that you’re familiar with. You can see that you can have the relationship of birthing, from the plant, the air that you could then speak to and communicate with and fill your house with your intentional conversation with the air. So, are we ready for our PowerPoint on air?  And if you will begin and take us through this. 

Tarvars – Air solutions: grow fresh air within your environment. As LaOta mentioned, there are a variety of plants that have been recommended for those who would like to strengthen this relationship with air, in your own home and environment. 

One of the three are, Areca Palm – Dypsis lutescens (previously named Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) The areca palm takes carbon dioxide and turns it back into oxygen. In addition to producing oxygen and lowering carbon dioxide levels, it also removes certain pollutants from the air, helping to produce clean, indoor, fresh air. For the areca palm, it is recommended, 4 per person, within your home. They should be about shoulder height. Take outdoors 3 to 4 months. They are also hydroponic. It’s recommended to wipe the leaves every day or at least once a week.

The next recommendation is the snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. Mother-in-law’s tongue grows hydroponically. It converts CO2 to oxygen, and it also makes a great bedroom plant at night. For this plant, it is recommended 6 to 8, and also waist high, 6 to 8 plants per person. It’s also known as the snake plant. It purifies the air by absorbing toxins to the leaves and producing pure oxygen. In fact, the sansevieria, which is also another name for the plant, is an ideal bedroom plant, whereas most other plants release carbon dioxide at night in the absence of photosynthesis, the sansevieria continues to produce oxygen.

Our last recommended plant here is the money tree. The money tree is also highly rated as an air purifier for your home. A famous NASA study of indoor plants on air quality lists Pachira Aquatica as one of the most effective filters of harmful pollutants. The icing on the cake is that money trees are ASPCA-certified pet-friendly for your furry friends.

So again, 3 different varieties, the money tree being the last of the 3, or what we here at Of The Sun, recommend to start building that relationship with air.  That concludes our PowerPoint slideshow for air solutions.

Thank you, Tarvars. We recommend these plants at this time so, that the toxicity that we find in our cities and in all of the world at this time, you do not have to be a victim of it. You can get these inexpensive plants, you can have them in your home, they will produce pure oxygen in the environment, and they will produce it even while you’re sleeping. They’ll remove the formaldehyde from the carpets and the chemicals that are in the fabrics. Then you may breathe your breathing exercise and breathe in what you would like to imprint and impress upon the air, about your relationship with it and what you would like to have. And the air will return to you, many great things. So, these are of solutions for what is happening in our world. These have been very scientifically proven, they work. Often, we are of the thinking, that we are victims of what has been done to our world thus far, but it is not that we are victims, it is that we just need to know what it is that we can do to circumvent this.

So, thank you all.

Air Solutions

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