DNA Resequencing

DNA Resequencing


Move beyond the blocks, obstacles, obstructions in the repeated and looped patterns that bring you back to the same starting point again and again. Unlock the DNA that holds you in place!

  • Financially – Freedom
  • Relationships in all walks of life – starting with self
  • Un-desirable Lineage Character Traits – jealousy and deceit, etc.
  • Ancestral Health Issues – addictions etc.
  • Unlock Creativity – start new projects

Resequencing can be done for all DNA issues for greatest possible outcomes.

Three real-time 30 minute appointments are included.

Complete Ener-Scription

We recommend products and tools to enhance the benefits of each service, as well as to maintain the effects. Please use this checklist to help you put together your Ener-scription.

Ener-scription Checklist:





DNA Activation

Recommended Listening:

Monthly Self-Healing Classes with LaOta Of The Sun

Of The Sun Office will reach out within 24 hours to schedule your appointments. Each session may be held via phone or video conference.

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